Want to talk about singing? Last night the Idols got to pick two songs …one song that inspires them, and another song written’ by some old guy songwriters. Here’s how it shook out.

James Durbin sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” which is awesome because it references “south Detroit” which isn’t a place, and I know, because I’m born and raised in the Detroit area and still live here. Nobody here has ever uttered the words “south Detroit” except if they’re singing along to “Don’t Stop Believin’”. But, Journey needed a word to rhyme with “city boy”, so what choice did they have other than “south Detroit?” Right? It’s better than “born and raised in east Des Moines” or “born and raised in Illinois?” No, that just wouldn’t work. What works is James singing soaring ‘80s rock and I rather enjoyed his rendition and I didn’t need to use a bunch of cuss words like Steve Tyler in my critique. Did you know Randy Jackson was a bassist for Journey? Are you aware Stee-Ty has a book out? James, as I said, was good, but mostly wanted me to fire up my Journey’s Greatest Hits.

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