Haley Reinhart started her evening wearing a Grandma sweater and singing “The Earth Song” made famous by Michael Jackson. She growled alot and the choir that sang behind her sounded just like the original choir, but Haley got way too serious. How did she decide on this song? This was her “song that inspires?” I find that highly doubtful and she was pandering to the cause. Randy didn’t like it because it confused him about what kind of artist Haley wants to be and for some reason he used air quotes when he said “the so called great Michael Jackson.” Why the air quotes? Why the “so called?” Is there some debate currently being waged on whether Michael Jackson was “great?” I hope Donald Trump demands that this controversy be cleared up. Jennifer Lopez also sheepishly said Haley chose a bad song, but luckily Stee-Ty wants to bed her sooooo badly he said both J-Lo and Randy were wrong and he loved Haley. Haley chose a bad song and turned in her worst performance in a while. Admit it, Stee-Ty. It’s OK. Sometimes girls sleep with the “bad boy”, too.

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