If you are keeping score …James sang about believing in yourself, Haley sang about the environment, Scotty sang about 9-11, and Laurne sang about those currently suffering in the nation’s southern states from flooding and horrific tornadoes. Who wins?

And now, Gaga Idol

I’ve already spent too much time talking about Lady Gaga, but she is amazing. She’s like every interesting person or thing you’ve noticed in the last 30 years all rolled up into a ball, chewed up and swallowed, and then spit out into a napkin. She’s compared to Elton John, Madonna, Hulk Hogan and the WWF, Michael Jackson, and Ru Paul. In her case, it’s OK. It’s almost more awesome because she didn’t just draw inspiration for one, single thing …she pulled it from everything and she doesn’t run from any of it.

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