They say don’t live life with regrets, but only 2 guys on Earth have that luxury …Bill Gates and that Zuckerberg Facebook guy. The rest of us are singing background vocals to the American Idol contestants of our dreams …dang it …I had a really good metaphor working there for a minute.

Onto the singing and the analysis.

James Durbin went first. James sang “Closer to the Edge” by Thirty Seconds to Mars. He definitely did too much walking around during the performance and lost focus and missed a few notes. The mantra from the judges for the night was, “who’s in it to win it?” Apparently, James is in-it-to-win-it (I.I.T.W.I.) and Randy and Jennifer Lopez both recognized it in James performance. I takes a very refined pallet to be able to hear the I.I.T.W.I. within a performance and distinguish it from those N.I.I.T.W.I. It’s like J-Lo and Randy are sommeliers to the various wines represented by the Idol finalists. Hey …better metaphor. Still could use a re-write. Anyway, James is very good but he should be hoping for the Daughtry effect at this point …lose before the top-3 and keep people from hating him. If David Cook, Kris Alan, and Lee DeWyze had lost before the final 3, they’d be selling more records.

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