James Durbin’s second song was “Without You” and it gave James yet another reason to cry on TV. Over the years on Idol, I think 1 or 2 have tried this song and nobody usually has the chops – but James does. Do you like his crying? I hate it. He cried so hard when Stefano was booted, he’s like the boy who cried wolf …only, he’s the boy who cried crybaby. He cries so much, he’s either a total phony or he’s highly unstable and he does NOT need the pressure that comes with fame. Randy said the performance was so good, this is James’s competition to lose. I won’t go that far. But I will say, if Lauren or Scotty slip up, James could leap frog them. James probably sang that song 30 times this week, right? He sang it in studio, in rehearsals, probably in his hotel room, and probably over the phone …he should be all cried out, for goodness sake. Hold it together, dude. After the performance and all through the judges comments, he looked like someone just told him his Grandma died.

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