Jacob Lusk was next and I would’ve loved if he had said, “ya know Ryan …I’m not actually in this to win this. I mostly wanted to almost make the Top-12 and then spend the rest of my life telling everyone that Idol is stupid and racist and wouldn’t know talent if it sat on their smug fat faces. But then, Ryan …I made it here, so now I can’t be all angry and bitter.” Jacob’s first song last night was Jordan “The Gentle Giant” Sparks’s “No Air” and all it did for me was remind me, wow, the Gentle Giant had a mad crazy voice and she was in it to win it. James has a big voice, but his voice was not suited to “No Air” which was written for a chick and, specifically, Jordan Sparks. But what choice did he have, right? It’s not like there’s any male R&B singers currently on the pop charts. Randy had my back and winced through his analysis saying Jacob was “sharp” and this song wasn’t anywhere near the kind or artist Jacob Lusk can be.

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