Lauren Alaina …lemme hear you Alainerds!!!! …Lauren Alaina tackled Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor” and has never been better. The judges have been begging her to be confident and show some attitude, and she did it all on this one. She looked hot, she dressed like a rocker, but still looks like the girl-next-door.

Then, Lauren Alaina paid tribute to the Lawrence Welk Show singing “Unchained Melody” in a sky blue, a-line, free-flowing gown. Did the Mandrell sisters appear on Lawrence Welk? Because they would’ve definitely worn dresses like that. Lauren Alaina can save Idol (not that it’s completely hurting still being the #1 and #2 TV show every week). Eventually, Idol is going to crown one too many Lee DeWyze’s and as more of them softly fade into obscurity and into an answer to the trivia question, “Name 5 American Idol Winners” and your Uncle will really struggle to answer it and then he’ll quit because questions like that are silly, and so is Idol.

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