His generation will never understand.

“Gone” by Montgomery Gentry only failed Scotty McCreery because his singing about losing someone doesn’t sound genuine. However, Scotty has so much personality, it’s crazy. Stee-Ty said it best when he said Scotty, to date, has been a puritan, but tonight he danced with the devil. J-Lo loved how Scotty owned the stage. And he did. Earlier, James Durbin sorta walked around and slapped some high-fives, but Scotty “performs”. He rolls his eyes, he waves to the balcony, he acts surprised, and he pumps his fist to emphasize a point …he’s just very good.

Is he good enough to tackle Elvis’s “Always on my Mind?” Yes …he’s definitely that good. Jimmy Iovine’s pre-performance analysis was for Scotty to avoid competing directly in a note-for-note singing competition with the other contestants, and instead stay true to himself as a down-home, aw-shucks, country boy. I’ve been saying it for years …if someone is born to sing country music, why make them sing show tunes?

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