Considering every other song on the radio is a Lady Gaga song, it’s hard for me to believe there exists a Lady Gaga song that’s unreleased. But apparently, Lady Gaga has yet to release “You and I” and someone called Lady Gaga and then Lady Gaga called Haley Reinhart and told Haley she should do the song. Riiiiight. I’m sure that’s how it happened. Orrrrr, this was all some elaborate way to say “Lady Gaga” on TV and they probably begged Lady Gaga to come on the show, but Lady Gaga’s people said, “no, she won’t appear on the show, but we’ll give you a song,” and Fox said, “OK, but you gotta come on for the finale or the charity show” and they all said, “deal.” And then Fox told Haley, “you’re singing this song.” And Haley said, “what …do I really have to?” And Fox said, “yes, here’s a lotta money.” And Haley said, “Oh …ok, I don’t have a lotta money, so I’ll sing it.” Every judge agreed it was a mistake. But, mark my words, Lady Gaga will release this as a single soon and she’ll cite “overwhelming demand from all her fans who heard Haley sing it on American Idol,” and because of all this hype, it will chart higher than it would have if released without all the theatrics.

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