Every year I think, “this is the year we find our next Clarkson or Underwood.” And it’s in these early rounds I try and be the first guy on the Interweb to make my predictions for the future and the eventual super star power that American Idol will once again find and launch into the stratosphere. And then I remember, sometimes you can predict and plan, but most times you can’t. The public is a fickle lot. But I have some early favorites.

Last night we started selecting the 12 girls and 12 guys who’ll compete in next weeks first LIVE rounds of singing. 42 started the night and Fox certainly dragged it all out as much as they could. I give then points for showing us actual competitors actually singing. In fact, almost 45% of the screen time was gobbled up by singing, versus talking. I made that percentage up, but that’s OK, 75% of all quoted statistics are completely fabricated, anyway.

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