And, we’re back . . . night #2 of American Idol Season 11 and Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and J Lo (aka Jennifer Lopez) still seemed in a good mood. After all, this is only the second stop. Idol isn’t following their typical formula at all, and I love it. Last night, if I counted correctly, we saw 16 golden ticket recipients, and 4 hopeless cases. We didn’t even get a montage of the sad and delusional, and I don’t think that’s ever happened. So certainly I thought tonight we’d get train wreck after train wreck.

But we didn’t. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. If you look at the ratings, American Idol is at it’s lowest point and down 15% of 20% from last year. Is it because we’re seeing less heartbreak and tone-deafness, or is it just the natural erosion we should suspect from a show in it’s 11th season and without two original cast members – Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Would things be different if they were still here? Would it matter if we were shown more crazy, fat people who are convinced they can sing and that Simon is a dream-crushing devil?

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