Here we are, year eleven of American Idol. Can you believe it? As the credits open and Ryan Seacrest narrated us through some old home movies of kids who were a wee 6 years old back in Idol’s first season, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own Idol journey (and I’m sure you want to know it, but it’s OK …I also want to know your refelctions on the last 10+ years). I was a wee lad of 28 still working at my first job out of college. I lived in a tiny house, had no kids, had some disposable income, and my car payment was $119 a month . . . and yet there I was, on my couch, two nights a week for 5 months watching people sing on TV – and back then, there weren’t yet blogs about American Idol, so I wrote a newletter and printed it out and delivered it to my neighbors and co-workers so they’d know my thoughts on Idol. Such simple times. Then a few years later, I started blogging on and wrote, oh, about 200 or 300 words each week mostly to amuse myself and my wife, and somehow along the way, a half dozen of you started reading my random thoughts, then a few more, and now 6 years later, I feel very lucky that hundreds of people read my recaps each week. Quite a ride and as long as a few people keep reading my ridiculous nonsense, I’ll keep writing.

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