I’m over Joshua Ledet and I don’t care anymore how well he can sing and that he was so into Mariah Carey’s remake of “I Can’t Live” or whatever that song is called. Do you all love him? Do you want to talk about him? He’ll definitely be in the bottom three. I just think he’s singing too old and too screamy for this competition. Hey …someone’s gotta be in the bottom three and if he’s truly dead last …does he get saved?

The only thing I wish about Elyse (aka Smokey-Voice-Chick) doing “Whole Lotta Love” was that I wish she was allowed to do the 7-minute version and that some badass guitarist could’ve come out and done the solos with the violin wand and stuff. And, yes, the backing band was horrible. And the echo effect they put on her mic during the “way down inside” part was a little much …but daaaaaaaaang. Elyse freegin’ KILLED it. I mean, sooooooo good. When the night started I didn’t think anyone would beat Colton, but Elyse beat everyone. One thing about American Idol, it struggles when it comes to “cool.” American Idol is “cheese” and never really even tried to be “cool”, but with Elyse, and Phillip Phillips, and Colton to an extent, this show has all kinds of cool this season.

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