So here we are, the Top-9 and someone has to go home. First, I’ll predict my bottom three …Joshua Ledet, Deandre Hacky Sack, and Heejun Han. If it’s not those three, I’m going to scream at my TV and roll my eyes and say things like, “you GOTTA be kidding me.” And in the end, in a shocker, Joshua Ledet goes home. Is it what I think, or what I wish? Smart money, if I was a betting man, would be on Heejun. He’s funny, but American Idol he is not.

Join me after tomorrow’s episode late, or sometime Friday, where I’ll act shock and maybe, if Myndi has time, we’ll do a little Q&A with a American Idol hater. But it’s not really “hate”, it’s just a broken heart and she wants to cry and still loves Ryan and Fox but she doesn’t want to cry, so she just puts on a brave, angry face and pretends she doesn’t even care. I want to know why she’s angry and sad about the current state of Idol because I think she represents the nearly 40% of people who’ve stopped watching this show.

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