Last night’s celebrity mentor was Stevie Nicks, who sang in Fleetwood Mac and wore witch costumes and apparently hasn’t aged. But as the funny early 80s clips show, Jimmy Iovine has aged. Man, when he was in-studio he was way high on cocaine the way he was dancin’ and bouncin’ and punchin’ the air while Stevie Nicks was singing. J-Lo knew what was going on their and laughed – and I bet innocent Ryan Seacrest just thought they were funny clips and not stock footage of Jimmy’s heavy coke years. That’s a pretty good anti-cocaine message, actually …look how stupid you act and in this modern day of everyone with cameras, you’re never going to live down how you sorta were actin’ like a super-hyper 6-year-old full of Halloween candy and Mountain Dew. It’s the same thing.

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