Also last night, a Jason Derulo with a broken neck announced he’s writing a song that he’ll perform on the Idol finale and it’s called “Undefeated” and it’s about his broken neck and how he’s not going to let it get him down. How cool is this? As readers of my recaps know, over the years, I’ve tried my hand at writing the song for the finale and had lyrics about eagles soaring and mountains being climbed, I’m totally going to win this thing.

Poor Tommy Hilfiger …nobody takes his advice. I hope his appearance on this show and everyone ignoring what he suggests, I hope it sells some shirts for him. I think I’m going to go out and buy a couple Tommy Hilfiger dress casual shirts. Just because I feel bad for the guy. And I still gotta get myself a pair of bright red socks to wear with my dark blue suit. Thanks, Mr. Hilfiger.

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