Singing? Let’s talk.

Colton Dixon (formerly known as Skunk-Hair) sang something by Lifehouse that he called “spiritual” and if I could’ve understood the lyrics I might’ve agreed, but like the original version on the radio, I couldn’t understand a darn thing. Why did Stevie Nicks do so much whispering last night. She pulled Colton close and said, “don’t you ever cut that hair.” Hasn’t she been around the music industry for, oh, 4 decades? This isn’t like it was before …long-hairs are quite accepted nowadays. And so is a faux hawk guy with blonde tips. Really, anything goes. Colton set the bar quite high to start last night, but as the night unfolded, everyone rose to the occasion. It’s weird, because he went first and so many memorable performances came after, I actually think he’s in trouble.

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