Miranda Lambert is Skylar Lane’s idol? Is Miranda Lambert an icon? I think we’re working with a pretty loose definition of “icon”, but OK. Skylar came out and did her Country thang, shouted and marched around stage and thrusted her fist at my TV screen, and though I won’t be voting for her, I don’t really feel back. She’s rock solid moving on to the Top-8. Heck, she could just sit on the sidelines for a week or two because there ain’t no way she’s not gonna be Top-4.

Heejun Han (aka The-Asian-Guy) says he’s going to start taking the competition seriously and he certainly did when he bit off Donnie Hathaway’s “A Song for You.” I feel really bad saying this, but his accent just isn’t going to work for people. Though last night he was brilliant, and he has such a cool smokey voice, a voice I enjoy 10x as much as Joshua Ledet’s, he still doesn’t have a shot. But I like the kid. I find him entertaining. He’s going to have a blast on the summer tour. If I buy tickets and go, I’ll laugh at his hijinx.

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