Deandre Hacky Sack sang “Sometimes I Cry” and Stevie Nicks was immediately put off because I’m thinking she thought his voice was annoying, but she politely said, “it’s too fast.” Stevie Nicks didn’t like Deandre. I don’t like Deandre. I fast-forwarded through his performance. I don’t know how he’s still here, actually. But while I was fast-forwarding, I noticed they gave Hacky Sack a standing ovation, so I hit rewind and all I heard was more falsetto and sissified singing, but I must’ve missed something. Steven said his runs would give Prince a run for his money, J-Lo begged us all to pick up the phone and dial, and Randy dropped names. I do whatever J-Lo says I should do, so I shopped at Kohls and voted for Hacky Sack.

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