Jessica Sanchez took on Beyonce and commented on how she realized long ago she can’t do all the Beyonce moves, but she’d instead focus on the singing and vocals. Do we all really think Beyonce is a great singer? Or is she a great singer for someone who also looks that good and performs so well? I personally don’t think Beyonce is a great vocalist …not a horrible vocalist, just not great. It’s OK, that’s not a knock against her …hey, Tina Turner was definitely more “show” and “sass” than vocals, so whatever works. I just don’t want to hear Beyonce’s name lumped in with Whitney, Mariah, or Mary J. Blige. Not that I’m often involved in conversation circles where stuff like that might come up, but just know, if you’re hangin’ around me (and I’ve been drinkin’), I might get hostile if you bring up Beyonce as “one of the greatest vocalists of our generation.” Oh, back to our Idol finalist … Jessica slowed down “Beautiful Nightmare” and it was hauntingly brilliant. Oh, yes …you can use that quote …I said hauntingly brilliant and I mean it. She’s scary good. J-Lo was right …she’s already acting like a diva who can hit the big note, but oh, no, no …she wasn’t going to give us the big note. We gotta vote and bring her back so we can hear the big note next week. Right? Jessica? You will give us that big note next week, right?

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