It’s Jessica’s, Phillip Phillip’s, and Colton’s world, and we’re all just livin’ in it. Well, at least the American Idol world belongs to them, for the moment, and we’d all better start accepting that the next Idol will be one of those three. Honorable mention: Sklyar. It’s very obvious there’s a few Idol finalists singing and performing at a level higher than even Ryan Seacrest’s hair. Seriously, Ryan? You’re almost 40. Enough with the Bruno Mars high-top fade. High-top fades never worked on white guys (Vanilla Ice) anyway and Ryan Seacrest isn’t a trend setter. Enough.

Every week the formula for an Idol recap is this: (1) watch and make notes, (2) write one funny thing or poignant thing about their performance and what the judges said, and (3) make predictions. But last night felt very different for this stage of the Idol competition. It seemed, now that we’ve gotten our Top-10 and a glimpse of what will be on tour this summer, that we’re looking at a full court press (ha …a March Madness reference) by Fox and Idol to start selling tickets. For years the Idol Summer Live Tour sold tickets automatically. Idol was a bonafied phenomenon, and it took little effort to sell-out 20,000 seat stadiums. And usually at this stage, kids are still sinking or swimming on their own and what we see on TV has always looked and felt extremely amateur. And we loved it . . . until now.

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