Can we be serious here for a second? Kids . . . if you’ve been in trouble with the law and you plan on going on TV to sing in a reality show singing competition and producers ask you if you have a criminal record, don’t hide anything. And if you’ve been arrested twice and have multiple warrants out in your name, and when you were arrested in the past you gave the cops a fake name, use your shot at fame and fortune to make a new start.

Poor Jermaine Jones (aka Gentle-Giant, aka The-Green-Mile, aka A-Total-Liar and Menace-to-Society) has been ousted from American Idol. What’s more, the show’s millionaire (they might be billionaires, actually) producers and creators were so pissed about being lied to, they brought Jermaine Jones on TV to embarrass himself. Heck, he wasn’t even allowed to talk with Steven Tyler, J-Lo, Randy Jackson, or Ryan Seacrest and apologize. And here I thought the “big news” regarding Jermaine Jones this week was that he has lied about not having his father in his life. Yup, that was the other story that surfaced and it turns out his father actually is around and even has been to all the shows, but someone (either Jermaine or Fox) have tried to create this image of a poor kid from the south trying to make it in the big music world. We thought it was just he and his mamma makin’ the best of their sad lives, but that’s not the case at all. Jermaine’s dad was kinda pissed about that, actually. And if Jermaine hadn’t tried to explain about his falling down the stairs that it was just a simple trip and fall and “nothing like that” and didn’t really explain why the police were called, I might’ve believed him. But . . . Jermaine only proved he’s shady.

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