If you’d have told me 11 years ago that I’d be sitting and watching a singing competition that featured Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as judges, I would’ve looked you direct in the eye and I’d have said, “um, really? Cool. I would totally watch something like that.” And then I would quite likely have followed you around asking you how the heck you knew something like that, and I’d ask what else you knew about 2012 and my future. Like, would I still have hair? Are there flying cars? I’d have been impressed and then I would’ve spent the next 10 years anxiously waiting for your prediction to come true.

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9 Responses to American Idol, Season 11: Top 3 Perform

  1. JR says:

    “As a wimpy guy who blogs and who’s never fired a gun, that’s crazy to me. Like, I’m not anti-gun and I never want to take guns from anyone, but I get a little nervous thinking that, when I’m in a movie theater watching a Will Ferrell comedy, that there might be a dude with a gun under his coat sitting right next to me. It didn’t appear as if Phillip’s Dad was allowed his firearm in the Kodak Theater, however. Phew. Ryan rightly pointed out to Randy, however, think it through before you speak ill of Phillip Phillips, especially when his Dad’s in the audience.”

    You say you’re not anti-gun, but then you say exactly what those who are anti-gun, and anti-self defense, pro-victim disarmament/criminal safety, say, seeming to project how you would act and feel having a gun onto presumptively sane, law-abiding people*. Go to a shooting range and tell people you’ve never shot a gun before; if they’re not a bunch of civil rights-violating cops or total assholes, they’ll welcome you and help you learn how to exercise the most important right of all.

    Now, to the facts:
    Unless PP’s dad was a law enforcement officer and covered by LEOSA, he probably couldn’t carry a gun in California, let alone the Kodak Theatre, seeing as how the right to self-defense is effectively infringed out of existence in all densely populated areas with lots of non-Caucasian inhabitants**. Even if he was covered by LEOSA, Kodak and Idol probably say nobody (even current or retired cops, except maybe the few off-duty ones, moonlighting as security guards, or on-duty ones on a “detail”) can carry guns for self-defense, while simultaneously not preventing criminals from doing the same***.

    *Who, by the way, stop multiple times more crimes with their guns (according to peer-reviewed research & government statistics that have not been discredited or retracted) than crimes are committed with guns.
    **Gun control began as irrefutable racism and has the same effect today.
    ***Such “gun-free zones” are the locations of almost every massacre, including the one at Gabby Giffords’ event – right across the street from a school and in the Federal GFSZ – where the only people who could defend themselves were cops, security guards, and people who had paid the government to let them defend innocent life (disgusting, when that should be free). All of whom were not there.

  2. Don says:

    JR …well said and I wasn’t trying to inspire a debate on guns (I’m not smart enough). I’m barely qualified to debate who’s a better singer on American Idol, truth be told. I have many, many, MANY friends and family members who are hunters, gun owners, gun hobbyists, sharp shooters, former military marksmen, and enthusiasts …I have no problem with gun owners, and I support the 2nd Amendment. I’m just sayin’ when I see a guy with a pistol, I get nervous. I get nervous when I see a pitbull. I get nervous when I watch “Saw” movies. And if I saw a tiger walking around my grocery store, or a tank driving down my neighborhood streets, I’d get a little nervous. That’s allz I was sayin’. It was just something you don’t see on reality TV every day.

  3. Pappy says:

    I miss Simon Cowell and his guns.

  4. Myndi Weinraub says:

    Guns and baby tees…a magical combination…

    Oh, and screw you, Jimmy “Crypt Keeper” Iovine! Seriously, “I’ll Be There” for Jessica? Sabotage!! Then again, she didn’t help herself by singing that Aeorsmith song. Blech.

  5. Don says:

    Myndi …you are sooooooo right about the Aerosmith song. How that song isn’t a punchline is beyond me. It’s among the worst Aerosmith songs …stop, everyone. Just …stop.

  6. JR says:

    Does not compute.

    If you know many guys (and gals) who have guns, then see a guy with a pistol and get nervous, why does the guy with the holstered pistol make you so much more nervous than being around the many people you know? Psychologically, you should feel safer seeing people with holstered guns, if all the gun owners you claim to know are not criminals or insane.

    Criminals don’t “open carry” – the only time you see their gun is in their hand, as they’re committing a crime, or if they’re a dumb criminal and it falls on the ground because only a number of criminals approaching 0 even use holsters.

    And actually it is something you can see on reality TV every day, (just not Idol, every day it airs), to the great consternation if not outright denial of “gun control” supporters. You just have to watch cable stations, which air many shows with non-cops carrying, and even shooting, guns.

  7. mweinraub says:

    Hi JR, I think you should find these two articles interesting. Actually on is a post the other is a John Stossel. Statistics show that more guns in law abiding citizens = less gun violence. The 2nd Amendment allows for us to carry guns. There might be many reality shows where there are many people carrying. I would imagine that shows like Pawn Stars the workers at the shop most likely have a CWP. I think they should because it would make criminals less likely to try and rob them. John Stossel has many great points and statistics that show that more guns = less violence. Check out the links and I have a feeling that you will like was you see.


  8. Kali says:

    I love PP, I rewind his performances and fast forward through Joshua, I don’t think music is about technically hitting amazing notes

  9. Kristin Shepard says:

    I can’t believe no one has made a Kristin Shepard joke to JR yet. Isn’t this a pop culture website?

    Disappointed, to say the least.

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