This season of American Idol is clipping along at an alarming pace. I kept hoping they’d stop with the double eliminations and start giving us 2-hour marathons where each performer would sing two songs and this would go until May. Instead, we started the night at eight singers and ended with six. Geesh! I’m used to watching American Idol well into the spring with the windows open and the volume up. I haven’t checked my TV Guide, but this doesn’t seem like it’s going to go much past the first week of April. I’m incredibly disappointed. There might be snow on the ground here in Michigan before the finale airs and … oh …

I guess we’re getting started. Wow. That was a harsh transition, Ryan. The season isn’t wasting any time and either is the flow of the show. We started with duets.

La’Porsha and Trent kicked off the night with their duet version of “See You Again” and it, to my ears, was a difficult pairing. Apart, both are great. Together, not so much. They got a standing ovation and Keith Urban seemed to like it, calling it “perfect” and saying it “played to both their strengths”. J-Lo called it “Magical” and I have to admit, I went up to my TV and smacked it and shook it because maybe my speakers weren’t working. Harry liked how they sang the rap parts of the song, and he couldn’t figure out who was taking lead and who was harmonizing and …wow, did I miss something? They love La’Porsha and can do no-wrong in the judge’s eyes.

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