Sonika and Avalon were next and I guess my speakers were clogged, because I loved them together performing “Rise Up” and didn’t mind they were complete opposites, both visually and audibly. It reminded me of one of those classic ’80s duets …like an Aretha Franklin-George Michael or Phil Collins-Phillip Bailey type thing. For those not familiar with the songs those pairings made into hits, don’t worry about it. Just ruminate on the duet combination and try and figure out how that ever happened. Anyway, Sonika gets better and prettier every week, and Avalon won’t change her image or persona and it doesn’t matter because she has that smokey, cool voice. Avalon doesn’t push it too hard or try to sing in a way she’s not supposed to sing or that doesn’t fit her. The judges all liked it, save for J-Lo who said the song is inspirational, but neither of the two pulled the inspiration out of their performance.

What reeeeeeaaaaally worked was Dalton and MacKenzie‘s “I Want it That Way”. I think it was mostly because they looked-the-part and seemed like a two-man boy-band. Like a cute version of Simon & Garfunkel or Milli Vanilli. It was charming, nice, and cute. And …it was kinda cool. Of course, I liked it so Harry and Keith hated it. They said that song is so classically pop (as if Idol isn’t a giant pop-music factory), it didn’t work for them. J-Lo thought before the performance, “oh, what are they going to do with this song,” in hopes they would change it, but they just sang it straight. I kinda see their point. But I still liked it.

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