Tristan and Lee sang Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” and I need to get something out of the way for my newer readers …I hate this song and always have. I liked their version better than the original, but learned something very early on in their performance …Lee Jean is not a crooner and will not launch his music career on soaring ballads. Ouch. I wish he’d have just shut up and let Tristan sing …cuz she can sang.

Then came the solo performances, and the theme was “the great American song book.”

First up, La’Porsha. She sang The Beatles’s “Come Together”  which was cool, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her, um, trash bags she wore as pants. I know, I know …I shouldn’t be judgmental, but she needs some self awareness. She went for some sorta David Bowie space suit and it wouldn’t have hurt her to have worn a long coat. Heck, she was singing The Beatles, she could’ve wore a Sargent Pepper coat. Poor wardrobe aside, she absolutely crushed it. This isn’t a song that was cool because of the vocals, but because John Lennon was singing trippy lyrics with a spine tingling Paul McCartney bass guitar rolling under. It’s a work of art. But damn if La’Porsha didn’t upstage the melody and the song and she rocked it while the entire time blowing my face off with her huge …um …I was gonna say trash bag pants …no …but with her huuuuuge voice.

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