Next highest vote-getter was MacKenzie. I assume they performed in order of most-to-least votes, but maybe I’m wrong. His bio piece basically said he’s the real-life Troy Bolton (…High School Musical, people …you’re reading a pop-culture website, so I’m going to assume I didn’t lose any of you). He was a gifted athlete who also starred in his high-school musical and rest is history. He sang, “You Are So Beautiful” and it was lovely. If there are teenage girls voting, he’s absolutely through to the next round. As Harry said, “you couldn’t have picked a better and more perfect song.” MacKenzie sang it with humility and what sounded like a little insecurity, making it tender and pretty. The judges all applauded him for a absolutely perfect song choice. Who’s been winning Idol over the past few years? Guys with guitars. So MacKenzie has a great shot of winning it all.

Next up, welcome to the stage . . . Trent. Trent wanted to be a horse when he was a kid. He also hasn’t let his family in on his Idol adventure, not from the auditions to the Hollywood week and that’s kinda cool. This is his own thing. Trent sang the classic “Stand By Me” and this guy …is …good. He could’ve been in a 1960s review. I think that might be the only bad part …he’s a little old fashioned. J-Lo loooooved him and said she hoped the people at home are appreciating and getting and feeling what a “badass” he is. J-Lo, if she had a record label, would sign him. Harry also liked it and so he all but begged Trent to be better telling him to “sink in” or something. Trent is good. He’s better than MacKenzie and maybe Dalton, but he’s quirky and that might hurt him.

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