Am I wrong? But was Tristan‘s version of “Broken Wing” better than the original? Or am I just blindly biased that Tristan is amazing? She’s 15 years old. Let that sink in. If you have any critique, well, first, think of her cute li’l grandpa and his oxygen tank before you knock her down. Tristan, I wish, shouldn’t be singing Country because her fortune is waiting for her on the pop charts. Then again, Carrie Underwood made it all work …pop, Country, TV musicals. Hell …go ‘head girl. Sing Country. I’ll love you anyway. Remember when being the “Country” almost guaranteed you a spot in the final 3 or final 2. Hey …Iowa! Nebraska? Oklahoma? What’re you doing? Vote!

Hey. Lee Jean was wearing the coat that La’Porsha shoud’ve worn to cover herself.

Dalton had to sweat it out. But he made it. Hopefully everyone forgets how the judges trashed him during his duet, and instead remember his version of “Eleanor Rigby” from last night. He took a cool song, modernized it, and if you didn’t know it was The Beatles, you might think it was a My Chemical Romance original. He performed it amid so …much …smoke …it was the Phantom of the Opera stage with The Beatles songbook and a Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz modern vibe. He hit everything. I think the only mark against him is he might’ve scared the voters age 7 to 13 years old. If teenage boys watched and voted, he’d be a shoo in.

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