And then it came down to Sonika, Avalon, and Lee sweating it out. Avalon turned in a badass version of “P.Y.T.”, Lee Jean sang “Let It Be” (and remember what I said about Lee not being built for ballads), and last and not least, was Sonika swinging for the fences with Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” I felt like she hit what could’ve been a triple, but got a slow start and stopped between second and third base and had to go back to second. It wasn’t good. Well, compared to Whitney. She took on way too big of a song. As Harry said, it’s an all or nothing moment when someone tries it. Harry said he “loved it” but I didn’t believe him. J-Lo tried to be nice but only said, “you did a good job.” Come on J-Lo …rip into her.

It all came down to the judges decision and they decided to keep Sonika, and that’s the obvious choice. Avalon is a one-trick pony who won’t change or do anything out of the box, and Lee Jean is simply average. And there we have it. Our top-6 …about a month too, soon. Slow down. I wish it would. I’m going to miss this show. But for now, I’m off to decorate my locker with pictures of the top-6 I’ve cut out of Tiger Beat magazine. I’ll post a picture of that next week.

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