After 11 long weeks of watching Emily fall in love with Jef on The Bachelorette, and seeing good-guys Arie and Sean get sent home heartbroken, and Emily acting like a lady, I think we’re all ready for some ugliness on TV. Oh, and I don’t mean real ugliness like the kind you see on the news …there’s always plenty of that. No, I mean the fake, vapid ugliness that we’ve come to love/hate from reality TV. In a summer landscape full of voyeristic offerings such as Big Brother (spunkybean recaps of Big Brother here) and Glass House, for my money there’s nothing quite as skanky as Bachelor Pad. Unlike Big Brother, often populated with strangers that we need to analyze and get-to-know, here on Bachelor Pad, we have legendary sluts and social misfits ready-made. It’s no wonder ABC dreamed this up. Essentially, with the giant group of Bachelor/Bachelorette rejects, they had a reality show starter-kit.

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5 Responses to Bachelor Pad 3, Season Premier (Stagliano Running the Show)

  1. lise lange says:

    this is EMBARRASSING but completely true. hand to . . . ok. you just have to believe me. put down the pint of ice cream and listen up mr. spunkybean!!! i know actually READ YOUR REVIEWS rather than watch the shows!!! they are that good, that funny, and that entertaining. no longer can i read your recaps of the bachelor and all of its evil offspring without spraying my computer screen with coffe and no longer can i put myself through the hour or two of brain draining idiocy. no, no, no, no, NO!!! straight to spunkybeans catch-up and DANG i love your witty and humorous take on all of this pure silliness. love it. love you spunky!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. lise lange says:

    oh good gawd. do not write after staying up nearly all night stitching on the opera!!! know=now. coffe=coffee. ha ha!! unless it is coffee with one “e” just like jef with one “f”!!!! LOL. sleep!!!!

  3. Don says:

    LL …I do not discrimnate against poor spelling or grammar among my readers. But I appreciate your fixing it so, ya know, people know I am writing for a better class of Bach’ Pad watcher.

  4. Karen says:

    I for one did not see the promo where Chris Harrison says as the Bachelorette went to commercial “if you are a super fan of the Bachelor Pad please send your name and address to…. It should be me! Of course I am married with 3 children so I guess they wouldn’t have picked me anyway!

    Didn’t Michael win Bachelor Pad last year?

  5. Don says:

    Yes. Michael (Stags) Stagliano won last year. I’m married with three kids, too …and I’m 39 …and flabby and hairy …but shit! I would still go. Maybe next time, Karen. Although I’d make for pretty crappy TV because all I’d want to do is sit by the pool and read my Nook.

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