For the first time ever while watching something Bachelor related, I felt a bit of shame last night while forcing myself to watch that madness (sadness). It was late and I had just caught up and finished watching the Closing Ceremonies and the Spice Girls (and I wasn’t ashamed of that). I was tired and I thought about picking up a book, but instead, out of a sense of duty, I trudged through the two hours ofBachelor Pad.Even my wife has abandoned me and prefers watching shows about the Amish, Gypsies, or the Kardashians. Do you understand why I almost had an awakening …or a moment of clarity.

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2 Responses to Bachelor Pad, Episode 4 (Pop Quiz)

  1. Kathy says:

    Jamie’s dad abandoned the family when she was young, her mom got into alcohol and drugs when she was 14, and she was left to raise her 4 younger siblings. She has major issues, but your recap about her was almost as cruel as Chris. You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you have kids? Imagine a 14 yr. old left alone to raise 4 kids. Then, she went on to become a registered nurse.

    So, I don’t know you. have never read your blog before, and probablty won’t again.

  2. Don says:

    Ya know, I hate writing mean things or even things that could be seen as mean but I mean them only sarcastically. I regret what I wrote and how I wrote it. Lesson learned.

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