I’m actively rooting against Chris, just FYI. So if you’re his best-friend or you really like him, this ain’t the blog for you.

Speaking of Stags …dude was nearly brilliant but it backfired. His plan, in case you weren’t totally paying attention, was to weaken some alliances and get Chris voted out by convincing everyone to vote out Lindzi (Kalon’s on-show girlfriend) and then convince Kalon it was Chris who convinced everyone to vote Lindzi. And it was working and even Erica Rose was calling Chris a liar until he actually took her in the voting room (“we’re making Bachelor Pad history, right here”) and showed Erica he was voting for Lindzi.

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One Response to Bachelor Pad, Episode 6 (Stags’s Plan Backfires)

  1. Corbyn says:

    Chris: he seems to be the bane of everyone’s existence right now. He’s not sure if he’s coming or going. I totally agree with you that Chris rationalizes everything and somehow he just shrugs it off. This really was the defining episode this season and I made sure that my Hopper is all set to go with PrimeTime Anytime. That way I don’t have to worry about missing anything on ABC for the rest of the season. A Dish co-worker explained how it works and now I’m hooked. Chris can’t see the forest for the trees and he’s just traipsing around thinking that everyone thinks he’s the best just like he does. I think it’s high time he got a wake up call.

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