In case you’re wondering why terrorists hate America, you might start with watching Bachelor Pad and seeing first hand what they think of us. That may sound harsh, but sometimes the truth is harsh …and it hurts …but luckily the truth is also really hot, hunky, and breathtakingly buxom. Like, wow …don’t hate me because they’re beautiful.

After an emotional rollercoaster on The Bachelorette which saw Emily and Jef (with on ‘f’) fall in love and get engaged, and Arie teeter on the verge of cutting off his ear and mailing it to Emily, it’s about time we get back to ugly mindless reality TV with no redeeming value. Bachelor Pad assembled a fine collection of our favorite head-cases from the many seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, and they’re off to live in a mansion, have orgies, be awful to one another, and make us all feel better about our own lives – except for the fact we’re not nearly as pretty to look at, we work actual jobs and make less money than these people, and while I have to go to work tomorrow, they’re probably all setting sail on an Bachelor/Bachelorette alumni cruise.

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