I’ve been saying all season that Bachelor Pad was nearly unwatchable, completely void of entertainment value, and I was thinking this will probably be the last summer that ABC airs this. I know, I know …reality TV is cheap to shoot, produce, and edit into two hours each week. And, yes, I know it’s gotten fairly decent ratings all summer long because it has nothing original up against it. No big time sporting events. No specials. No awards shows.

And then …whoa! Last night happened and I think ABC will be airing Bachelor Pad for as long as Bachelor and Bachelorette are drawing us all in during their seasons.

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3 Responses to Bachelor Pad, Season 3 (Finale)

  1. Koleen says:

    Well said Don! I thought Nick was completely justified in taking all of the cash!

  2. Myndi says:

    Fascinating ending. Seriously, I was riveted. Nick is clearly one of those contestants who went on this show without that mentality that he was joining a club to hang out with and instead, he walked out with the cash and probably back to some real friends and family who love him. The hypocrisy of these people continues to amaze me. That said, I finally a tiny bit bad for Rachel, but then again, it was OK when she was shitting all over him? I wonder if she’ll ever realize what Mean Girls she and her stupid friends are and that it got her in the end. Oh, who am I kidding…no way.

  3. Don Kowalewski says:

    If you compare the first 5 weeks to the last 3 weeks, and especially the last 2 weeks, it shows you how “everyone is friends” is booooooring, while “everyone is greedy” is alot more fun.

    I want to meet Nick.

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