Previously, a bunch of stuff happened right before the vote, and we saw none of it. But now they’re going to show us way too much of it, so strap in!  Jack and Jackson discuss how Holly and Kat “know each other”…yes, they discuss this in quotes and whispering while in the DR, the one place you don’t have to whisper.  Jack says he trusts Tommy and Christie more than Jackson. Tommy also has suspicions that Kat and Holly knew each other. And that they’re a “trio” with Jax.  As it turns out, Tommy was the instigator of the idea to flip on Kat.

Christie shows up at this point. They talk about pulling Nick and Sam in for a fivesome, and cutting ties with Jackson and Holly. Tommy tells Sis, who appears to be wearing a trash bag, for some reason I cannot possibly fathom.  Is she trying to make weight for a wrestling meet? I don’t know any other reason you would do this. Anyhoo, Tommy then tells Sis that they can’t tell Sam that they’re going to vote to keep him, and Holly overhears, then goes right to Jackson. He shows up and Tommy and Sis act kind of squirrely. Holly confronts Tommy directly, and he denies it.  Then just Holly and Tommy go to talk in the boat room…she confronts him and says it’s Jackson’s behavior that’s the problem. Holly is pissed. Tommy tells her that Jackson ratted her and Kat out. Jack shows up. Jackson shows up, then Christie and Sis. Gang’s all here!

Outside, Cliff, Nick, Nicole, and Jess all hear them arguing because this is, after all, a TV set, and the walls are paper thin, except for in the aforementioned, soundproofed Diary Room. Jackson gets defensive about his rogue vote, which happened ages ago in BB time.  He and Christie bitch at each other. He storms out and Jack slams the door behind him, so maybe the bromance is actually crumbling?

Kat comes in to defend herself and it devolves quickly with her calling Jackson a monster.  There’s more yelling and crying that just results in people somehow just deciding to vote out Sam after all.  Points to Kat for successfully campaigning to save herself. Ladies and gentlemen, the Six Shooters are dead.

And now it’s time for the Head of Household competition!  It’s a series of true or false questions based on the ads strewn throughout the yard. This is definitely something we could have seen on Thursday if these people knew how to plan a live show.  They should have Tom Bergeron consult.  That man can bring in a live dance competition on time and in style.  I’m just saying.

Jackson is out first, and says he has effectively let down his entire family. Well, I wasn’t expecting that!

Sis and Cliff are out on question two. Tommy and Nick are out on question three.  Christie is out on question four. Jack is out on question five, saying there are “nothing but floaters” left.  Nicole goes out on question six, so it’s down to Jess and Kat for the win. Jess wins!

Jackson DRs that he is accepting defeat  (because he has so many other options, right?)

Cliff, Nicole, Jess and Kat celebrate in storage with a Charlie’s Angels pose, while the Six minus Jackson talk about how Six Shooters is dead.  Holly is trying to salvage it, but Sis and Christie both say its dead. Got it!

Kat and Holly pow wow.  Kat says that Jackson’s a dumbass.  Holly admits she’s not ready to let go of him, but Kat is her #1. Kat DRs that she doesn’t like or trust Jackson, but says he’s dumb and everyone wants him out now. She says that Christie, Tom, Sis and Jack are dead to her and that she’s definitely playing both sides.

Voiceover guy tells us that America Vote is coming back!  The top 3 vote-getters will be going on a “field trip”, and get to take part in special competition.  The winner will be safe from eviction for the week; the runner up will get a punishment and the loser will become a third nominee.

For what I think is this first time, Voiceover guy gets to wonder aloud about strategy: Should you vote for someone you want safe, or someone you want on the block?  The results will be next Sunday.

Jess feels empowered now that she’s HOH, and she’s sick of being shut out of the conversation.  She nominations Jack and Jackson and says it’s because they both made her feel powerless and this is sweet revenge.  Jackson says he trusted the wrong people, but he’s not gonna go down without a fight. Jack feels he betrayed a friend. Nicole says the underdogs are not afraid and they are taking it back.

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