This bit was on After Dark, and they cut a whole awkward conversation where there’s a pretty lady in one of Judd’s pictures and they think he has a girlfriend, and he’s all like “I just have an attractive friend!  Gosh!”

Later, Judd talks to Elissa, Howard, and Spencer, and says he’s thinking of nominating GinaMarie.  Elissa puts forth the case for Aaryn, and Judd admits she’s made him angry in the past.  Howard wants Kaitlin to be a nominee, and they all kind of agree that GinaMarie is a waste of a nomination.  There is much mumbling.

We get a montage of GinaMarie not knowing words, and it’s the best thing.  She says “auburn” as “Ol’ Burn”, she throws out a “worser” (Candice DR’s “I’m a speech therapist, not a miracle worker.”  HEE!), and says “ax” instead of “ask” in the same sentence where she calls for an “interpenator”.  And then she complains about pickles and says “they disguise me”.  OK, that’s not even a tough word.  Nick, buddy.  Change your name and hide.  She’s coming for you.  There are some more manglings, and Amanda does a pretty funny impression of her.  Wow.

Howard and Candice sit in the hammock and talk about how much they like one another.  I really like the both of them, which makes recapping them being adorable difficult.  Because on the one hand, I’m dead inside and grossed out by most couples.  On the other hand, they’re so legitimately sweet that I refuse to make jokes about them.

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9 Responses to Big Brother 15 – Nominations Week 4 “I’m a Speech Therapist, Not a Miracle Worker”

  1. HoH8 says:

    BB Update:

    Elissa used her POV
    America’s Re-Nom was GinaMarie

    no Shocker there, the rest of the week will be weak cause for sure now Aaryn will be voted out possibly with a 9-0 vote….so i hope Julie is getting ready for those Hot Questions we all have been wanting to hear, lol…. but Julie has Class so she will keep it professional…. 🙂

    EJ….keep on calling her Jessie (who?) and we will see her in the Final 3, watch, lol… 🙂

  2. Myndi says:

    I know you didn’t want to dwell too much on the yogurt eating, but you had to have seen how, um, voraciously GinaMarie was attacking that froyo. Nick may be willing to put the other stuff aside for that particular ability! If nothing else, now that she’s unemployed, she may have found another career path!

  3. EJ says:

    I couldn’t think of a delicate way to address GinaMarie’s… uh, skills. But, yeah. That was something. I feel like network censors should have stepped in at some point.

    • HoH8 says:

      Network Censors should’ve stepped in ???….Big Brother is an Adult show, idk why parents allow their children to watch BB?….let alone the Live Feeds which is Rated-X…. 😮

      i remember last year when Ian would say he has been watching BB since he was 10 yrs old…Unbelievable… 😯

      • EJ says:

        Yeah, I don’t know how people let their kids watch. But I feel like I’m still too young and impressionable to watch some of this stuff.

        • HoH8 says:

          OMG EJ…thank God u dont have the Feeds cause tonite Amanda got into a Very Graphic Detail speech on how to give the perfect BJ in front of alot of HG’s in the HOH room, it left me SHOCKED 😯

          • EJ says:

            Heavens! Of course, I still have a crush on Amanda, so now I’m just intrigued. (I’m a hypocrite!)

  4. Myndi says:

    That was legitimately horrifying to see again…Thanks!

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