Previously on Big Brother:  Aaryn was awful and CBS took the time to show us some of her Great Moments in Racism.  Still, she and the equally objectionable won a competition involving barbecue sauce and she became Head of Household.  Then she nominated Elissa and Helen for eviction.  We’ve got MVP, Veto, and based on the live feeds, about a million hook-ups to get to tonight.  It’s gonna be a busy one!  Oh, also Candice ran the numbers and figured that the various guys must be voting together.  I support anybody whose gameplay involves thinking for five minutes, so I might be rooting for Candice now.  Further information as it develops.

We pick up right after the nomination ceremony, as Aaryn explains that Elissa is the target and Helen is just nominated for not being white.  She doesn’t say that, but I think we all know that’s at least partly the reason.  Helen talks some trash in the Diary Room, and I really want her to be able to watch Aaryn leave.  Elissa and Helen commiserate in the Have Not room.  Then Candice stops in to share her theory, but she also thinks that the suspected alliance controlled the nominations.  That was all Aaryn, baby.

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3 Responses to Big Brother 15 – Veto Week 2 “These Are Stuffed Animals. They Can’t Get a Concussion.”

  1. HoH8 says:

    EJ….Great Recap…i Love ur funny comments in between the recaps…when u mentioned the reveal on who was the MVP and saw the heels, u said u thought it was Judd?…u mean Nick, right…he’s the HG that everyone is saying is Gay but he keeps denying it, lol… 🙂 …

    so u think Nick is staying?….Elissa has already the 6 votes she needs to stay and i dont think thats going to change… but u never know, right, lol… 🙂 ….

  2. EJ says:

    Thank you! I really do think that Judd would look the funniest in high heels, possibly because I can’t imagine him taking more than a step or two without tripping.

    After reading what you had to say about the live feeds, it seems like a possibility that Nick will go. But it seems like both the Mean Girls and the Moving Company will pick Elissa to go. I definitely love the three nominee gimmick. It makes Elimination night less predictable.

  3. HoH8 says:

    ok, as of right now cause the Feeds are on Trivia cause of the Live Show….the Final vote count is 8-3 to Evict Nick… early this am both Spen&Howard are evicting Nick…smart of them to do that knowing that Nick was leaving anyway….

    so that leaves 3 votes to evict Elissa…Jerkney, GM, Kaitlin and unless one of the 3 wins HOH…one of them will be Toast next week, lol… 🙂

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