Previously on Big Brother:  Well, a whole lot of people who misspell their own names entered the house for a new season of shenanigans, including the new MVP power and three nominations per week.  I’m not usually excited about rule changes, but I think the third nomination is genius.  It could throw some old patterns into disarray, which should be fun.  Oh, and Elissa is totally Rachel’s sister.  She is hiding this fact, but in all fairness, I would too.  Like, in my daily life.  Not just on the show.

McCrae won the first Head of Household, and nobody believes he’s a pizza delivery guy despite the fact that no human being has ever looked more like a pizza delivery guy than he does.  Tonight we get nominations, a competition, and more portmanteaus than you can shake a stick at.  Or “shake a stat” if you prefer.

The opening quote has Jessie worried that she’ll be a target because she’s so pretty.  Yes, of the eight women in the house, she’s definitely top seven.

We pick up in the aftermath of the MVP announcement.  Nick helpfully explains exactly what Julie said, and there’s an earnest discussion of what “in secret” means.  Aaryn interviews that she’ll definitely get MVP more than once.  Look at her, brimming with false confidence.  In the living room, they discuss that you could put two people up and neither of them would go home and “you’d have two targets on your back”.  Well, one target with two people aiming at it, if you want to be accurate.  McCrae, whose name is somehow in my spellcheck, looks actually spooked.  Andy thinks now he has to suck up to everybody, which sounds exhausting.

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4 Responses to Big Brother 15 – Week 1 Nominations “I Know the Water by Heart”

  1. Mindy says:

    Oh, EJ! I couldn’t be happier that you loved the “I know the water by heart” line as much as I did!!

  2. EJ says:

    He said it with such confidence, too! I feel like he’s made that claim before and nobody has ever understood it.

  3. HoH8 says:

    Great Recap…but its too bad u can only recap the tv show and not whats really going on in the house…i just watched Tues show and CBS didnt allow one word from all the many many many nasty Racial Slurs being said in the house….

    thats the real story being told in the Feeds that all the non-feeders dont know bout unless u read the blogs in the internet…its a shame the mouths on these HG’s… especially on dear Aaryn, who CBS is painting such a nice girl…Ugh… 🙁 ….

  4. EJ says:

    I kind of get why CBS isn’t airing the slurs – you really don’t want to put somebody on the air saying foul stuff uncontested. But it’s definitely a shame that some of the worst offenders are getting such a good edit. At least it’s getting to be a story now, so hopefully they’ll take some sort of action or address it in some way. Not likely, I know. But I’m hoping!

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