Previously, a whole lot of nonsense that led to pretty random nominations, and EJ fell in love with Amanda.  Jessie looked bored and Candice had the crazy eyes when she got nominated.   Elissa “literally” thought she was going home.  Her voice drives me crazy, possibly more so than her sister’s.  In other news, y’all, I think I hate “The Moving Company” as much as “Quack Pack” when it comes to alliance names.  Jessie and Candice both confront McCrae in the HOH room about being nominated while he practically eats the blanket and fidgets like a psycho.  Wow; even I could beat McCrae at poker.  

Here’s the “No one likes Elissa” montage.  A small group is chatting, and Elissa says her sister has awesome fans.  She then backpedals and tries to make a joke about her sister being Gisele Bundchen.  Jeremy DRs  “I don’t know who this Giselle Butt-chin is”…Oh My Lord.  Seriously?  Not only is she the most famous Victoria’s Secret model in ages, she’s married to an NFL quarterback.  Jeremy is not bright.  Sometime after, Elissa is named MVP and says “Shut up!” several times as a way of thanking America.  I want to hurl.  She goes to McCrae to ask who she should put up and they seem to settle on David, though she wants Nick at one point.  She asks him for safety, which he won’t guarantee.  I’m not sure if his honesty is refreshing or stupid.

David and Aaryn are talking in the hammock.  He admits that he still lives at home and says  “I feel like Failure to Launch guy.”  In the DR, he explains that even after he admitted that “she actually liked me for who I was, which was pretty sick.”  Well, based on what I’ve seen and heard about Aaryn online, sick is a great word.  David tells Aaryn that he lifeguards and then collects unemployment.  Welcome to the future, America.  Right before the POV competition, he gets nominated by the MVP.  

Depending on who wins POV, either the HOH or MVP would have to change the nominations, depending on who is taken off the block.  Candice calls herself “Candyland” and says she needs to bring her A game.  Ugh.  Aaryn hugs David.  He feels like the whole house is against him.  Lots of dudes and bros get tossed around.  Aaryn heads off to the bathroom to cry at which point David comes and finds her.  She makes it all about her, to a ridiculous degree.  Are we sure she’s not also related to Rachel?  He tries to get her to “kiss it out” and she rebuffs him.  Delightful, that one.

Jeremy confronts Elissa about being MVP and she denies saying anything about her sister’s fans, which Jer pronounces “supershady”.  Man, these two are huge morons.  

McCrae tells Amanda about Elissa being MVP, and she then shows up in the HOH.  Amanda leaves and comes back with Jeremy and Jessie and GinaMarie, who is thankfully mute the whole time. In the meantime, McCrae almost instantly tells Elissa that he spilled the beans to Amanda!  What is his deal?!  Jeremy brings up the model thing again, which Elissa finally explains in detail and shuts down.  But he continues to be kind of a misogynist jerk and tell her not to get her panties in a wad, etc. when she’s aggravated. McCrae is silently freaking out.

The silence is abruptly ended re: GinaMarie.  There’s a baking competition for veto, which conveniently ties in with another CBS reality show.  The host drops by to host this game, the old “spell the longest word” comp.  This always shows who has half a brain.  They have to crawl through honey and pop fake blueberries (balloons) to get letters.  McCrae is trying to throw it.  David wants to spell “competition” but cannot find the last couple of letters as time runs out.  The results:

Howard–Sailing (He was trying to throw it without looking like a dope.)


Candice–Rafts (If she was trying to win, she wasn’t trying very hard.  Or she started to spell Farts and decided against it.)

David has no word, which Andy points out is a first in the history of this game. (“Congratulations, you’re an idiot!”)

Elissa–Potroasts (which is technically two words, so Howard is still in the lead.)

McCrae–Delivery  He wins without trying and he’s not happy about it. Helen (remember Helen?) is trying to cheer Elissa up while she cries.  Elissa tries to talk McCrae out of nominating her, and he’s honest about having to do it based on all the pressure he has from he many other people.  Again, still not sure if this approach will work.  It’s week one, and dude is cracking under the pressure!

Nick tells him not use it because David is the only physical threat not in The Moving Company.  But McCrae does use it to pull Candice down and put Elissa up, saying she creates waves and it would be better for the house if she went home.  In the DR, McCrae admits that David is real target.  This is going to get more aggravating before it gets better, kids.  We hope you’ll stick it out with us!

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2 Responses to Big Brother 15 Week One–Power of Veto Competition

  1. EJ says:

    It cracks me up that everything McCrae says relates to pizza or deliveries. It’s like he’s a cartoon character with one personality trait.

  2. HoH8 says:

    BB Updates:

    New HOH is Aaryn

    she picked Helen, Elissa, Candice, Andy as the HN’s

    Jeremy gave it to her cause he knows he will control the Noms and will be able to play HOH next week

    there were Lots and Lots and Lots of fights on who voted for who… expected Aaryn was Dumbfounded when David was evicted and was trying to find out who voted for him….the Drama, the Drama..u gotta LOVE BB.. 🙂 …

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