Previously on Big Brother, Bayleigh’s insufferable HOH reign came to an end as Rachel stormed out of the house, blindsided by her own alliance.  Brett is proud of himself, glad that Bayleigh is pissed. He calls her whole alliance “LOSERS!” If there’s nothing else likable about Brett, I do appreciate his ability to speak his mind.  You’re never going to be left to wonder what Brett thinks of you.

We find Angie crying in the DR because of losing HOH. She complains that she now has no safety and won’t be seeing her babies. She says she doesn’t know “if Isaac has hair or what color it is” and even loses her fake eyelash from all the tears.  I’m pretty sure this is the definition of someone being a hot mess.  I never really like the idea of leaving small babies and kids behind for three plus months to play this game.  There’s no amount of money that can replace that time.  

Angela DRs that she won’t miss Rachel, who she explains is 30 (the horror!) and needs to re-evaluate some things. Wow, I didn’t like Rachel much, so I’m alright with the ruthlessness, but who knew Angela was so cold-blooded when we weren’t hearing a single word from her the first few weeks?  Tyler covers up for his vote by throwing Brett under the bus to Bayleigh, and it works. She doesn’t care a bit about Ty’s vote…she’s mad at Brett. She loses it on him, and he’s baffled. In the DR, she ponders when to use her power app.

JC and Fessy are debriefing and, as usual, Fessy is frustrated at having been on the wrong side of the vote again. In the DR, JC says he is Fessy’s brains, playing perfectly into my genius Of Mice and Men analogy. Thanks, JC! 

Bayleigh, in what is now her grand tradition, goes off on Angie, saying she has to get her shit together. After Angie agrees with her and tries to soothe things over, Bay completely ignores her pleas to “come back here”. Girlfriend is going rogue, saying she can’t even trust her own alliance mates, and she continues to be insufferable. But at least we didn’t get a hair flip in the hour.  Small victories!

JC interrupts Tyler and Kaycee’s victory dance. Tyler DRs that it’s a fun time in the BB house.  And then he laughs at how awkward it was when Fessy and Angie came to visit the room. He says it’s a challenge to know which face you have to put on for each housemate.    

And now for the Hacker comp.  The winner will get to replace one nomination, one veto player, and eliminate one vote on eviction night. All of this will be done in secret. Almost right after the announcement, Sam calls a house meeting and offers to win the hacker comp, like she’s doing everyone a favor. Everyone balks, of course, but it was hilarious to see what appeared to be an earnest attempt to get the house to agree.

Angela meets with Tyler, Kacyee and Brett to discuss noms and she says she’ll put up Angie and Scottie. She figures, with the hacker wrinkle, she can only put up two people who she doesn’t mind going, since one of them may well be changed. She also says it would be awesome to win the hacker comp and put Bay up anonymously.

Later, she actually meets with Bay, who kisses up in a way that Angela seems to pick up on, even though we don’t get confirmation of that in the DR. We also learn that Bayleigh would have to use her app to hijack before Angela’s nominations. All in all, it’s a weird meeting.

And those nominations are? Angie and Scottie. Since Bayleigh laid back, her power app is out of play for the week.

The Hacker Competition is a word scramble masquerading as “code cracking”.  There are seven rounds, and the first three in each round who unscrzmble a Big Brother-themed word get a point.  We learn that Sam hasn’t touched a computer in 5 years, so she might have a tough time typing fast. And, we hear from Brett, who says, “As a cyber security engineer, I know a thing or two about hacking.” Yes, but how are you at Word Scrambles, Brett?

Tyler, Haleigh and Scottie are tied at 3 through round six. In round seven, Brett celebrates getting one point like he won the Superbowl. What’s interesting here is that a person can play spoiler without knowing it by freezing someone else out.  In fact, it’s how Haleigh won; If Brett knew one of his allies was in the lead, for example, he might have conceded the point for Tyler. It’s the most cutthroat Word Scramble ever!

After the comp, everyone is saying how many points they have. Haleigh smartly says two, Scottie says three, but says he lost, and now everyone’s trying to figure out who’s lying. Angela and Brett talk about thinking Scottie has it and that he’s a genius. They are all quickly called to living room and, in short order, the hacker takes Scottie off the block and replaces him with Tyler. Haleigh really sells it; she fakes surprise with a wide open mouth. Sam is crying over Tyler. Haleigh DRs that Tyler is getting away with playing both sides, and feels she had to make a move now. Scottie’s worried that he’ll get played and is not going to play in Veto. Angela wants to win POV and take Tyler down. For his part, Tyler vows to get the hacker back, but I’m not sure how he can be sure he’ll do that, unless they’re all just positive it’s Scottie.

Next up on Wednesday: The POV winner will determine who the final nominations will be! See you then!

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