Previously on Big Brother, we met all the contestants.  Very few of them seemed completely awful, but give it time.  Also, EJ used up every Square Head joke about Jackson, up to and including his resemblance to a Minecraft character.  As luck would have it, Jackson was crowned Camp Director, and it came with the responsibility of “banishing” four houseguests on night one, with only three returning before there even the first HOH was crowned.

As they wait to get the verdict, Jessica is worried about being banished since she also campaigned for the title.  Jackson is hearing people out before making his decision. He’s naturally worried about people going after him for his picks.  Kemi won’t campaign. Isabella stumbles into an alliance with Jackson and Jack, just be virtue of being in the same room while they strategize.  Jackson wants to banish the other three volunteers for the job: Jessica, Cliff and David, to whom he actually floats the idea of being a pawn. David is, shall we say, non-plussed.

A giant squirrel, the mascot of Camp BB, comes in to get his first victim. He literally hauls Cliff off in a sack. Holly is sad because he reminds her of her dad…Cliff, that is, not the squirrel. Kemi is next, because she didn’t make an effort to talk to Jackson.  He’s not wrong; it’s not like he had many ways to make a fair choice. The squirrel psyches out Jessica, then comes back for her. David all but puts himself in the sack.

The four banished players are “in the wilderness” (aka the back yard) and must find their way back to Camp BB in total darkness.  There’s a tree trunk that will lead you back to Camp BB (aka the actual house), but other trunks that will lead to other camps, like Camp Boo, Bee Bee, and B-Ball. David and Jessica are stuck in honey and feathers (Bee Bee) and then head back to the forest. In Camp B-Ball, Cliff says he’s never been hit in the face with this many balls before in his life. I’ll just leave that one alone. Perhaps surprisingly, Cliff gets back first. David gets to B-Ball as well, but gets turned around. Kemi ends up in Camp Boo, which is like a mini haunted house filled with scary clowns, and I would have a heart attack. She gets back into the house next. 

Poor David is still lost in honey and we haven’t seen Jess for a bit.  Now, she’s at Camp B&B, which is a giant stack of pancakes and syrup. She makes it to the second part of the forest and ends up back in the house.  Everyone is hugging and crying and laughing, except poor David, when Julie calls it as he wanders in the dark. She tells him he is out “for now”. He is rightfully furious.  He wanted to represent African American culture in a different light, and it seems like a very genuine expression of sadness and frustration.

Tommy and Christie, whom we were told yesterday know each other outside the house, finally get a moment alone to make sure they’re on the same page. She calls him Thomas and he tells her not to do that, I guess worried it will sound too familiar, even though it’s the more formal version of his name. They agree to have each other’s backs but when Tommy DRs that he hopes his family understands, it’s clear to me that something really crazy went down with Christie and this mystery “family member” of Tommy’s. I’m intrigued!

Nick, Jack and Jackson recruit Christie, Bella, Holly for a six person alliance. Christie feels like this is a gift dropped in her lap. And just like that, it’s time for the first Head of Household competition.  Jackson won’t be competing for HOH as his Camp Director status gives him safety for the week. His last responsibility in this capacity is that he has to select the pairs who will each share a “log” to hang from in the endurance comp.  It’s all pretty immaterial, though, as it’s still a single winner. Nevertheless, here are the pairs:

Kat and Jack

Sam and Nicole

Holly and Ovi

Bella and Nick

Tommy and Jessica

Christie and Kemi

For all her talk, Jessica falls first and blames the banishment comp as taking too much out of her. And then paint sprays form the sky. Jack and Kat are down in quick succession, Nick is out shortly after them. More paint and powder sprays from everywhere, and the logs are spinning. 

Ovi falls, saying he’s throwing the comp to stay off everyone’s radar, which is a legit strategy at this point, so I can’t fault him.  The next five to fall are Sam, Kemi, Cliff, Bella and Nicole, who falls seconds after being called a silent killer.

Christie, Tommy, Holly and Analyse are the last four standing, all on separate logs. They all seem determined to win. The logs are spinning faster.  Analyse falls. Holly is next. Tommy falls, and Christie assures us in the DR that he’s safe with her. Jack tells us the game couldn’t have gone any better for him as his alliance member becomes the first HOH.

Back in the studio, Julie tells us there will be something called a “Whacktivity Comp” and nominations Sunday.  Tuesday will mark the first Power of Veto comp and the first live eviction is next Wednesday. She mentions David, saying something that’s never before on Big Brother will happen live next Wednesday. Expect the Unexpected, kids!  EJ will recap Sunday’s antics as we really kick this thing off. Welcome back to the madness!

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