After the events of the live eviction, including the announcement of Camp Comeback and the HOH comp, everyone goes back in to talk to Ovi and greet David.  Then Jack does a wee bit of damage control while Ovi tells Michie that he still wants to work with them, and that his power will still work when he comes back into the game.  The Bromance pats themselves on the back some more about just how Brotastic they are, up to and including sharing a big ol’ man hug where Jack is full on carrying Michie around.  It’s…offputting.

Kat, who will not drop the “bitches conspiring “ bit she thinks is sweeping the nation and being printed on t-shirts as we speak, talks to David, who breaks it to her that if she thinks there aren’t alliances yet, it just means she’s not in one.  Elsewhere, Ovi talks to Nicole, who confirms what should probably be obvious to him–the Bromance turned on him. Ovi really should be able to pick up that those guys are pulling the strings way more than Nicole at this point. I think he just wants to hang with him, honestly.

The Chaos Whacktivity begins, which is pairing up “matching” live snakes in separate tanks.  I would be terrified, as some of these people certainly are, but they are game enough to dig right in and handle the squirmy creatures, so there’s not all that much drama.  Tommy proves he’s a true Broadway actor by giving an over the top synopsis of the event; Holly explains that though she’s a safari guide, there are no snakes involved, so this is scary; Sam thought he killed it, so when he loses, he assumes the winner grabbed all three snakes simultaneously; Jack overdoes it with the finger guns but turns out he’s justified with a win at :49 seconds.  He doesn’t tell Holly and Michie (who also competed). His power would force new picks for the veto name draw, and will be valid until there are six people left. He rightly points out that this will help in the “long game”.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: CBS really wants you to watch Love Island, so they sent last season’s Brett and Winston (super cute, kinda dull) along with couple Bailey and Chris (still won’t use his nickname) over to Fiji to promote it. They explain that the winner of the next veto comp wins a trip for two to Fiji. Nicole is just worried about going alone (does she really have no friends at all? Poor thing.)

Michie is now flirting hardcore with Holly instead of Kat. Kat is now getting a wacky stalker edit. She climbs into the hammock with them at one point. Clearly, Michie thought he’d do her for a week and move on, but now she’s like Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers, and it serves him right. He “breaks up” with her, saying it’s creating a lot of heat on both of them to be together and he says he has to put his energy into his game.  He says he still has her back, but behind closed doors. She DRs that she’s not into him, so don’t call her after the show. I mean, I’m sure I’d be embarrassed if I was her, and he’s kind of a dick, but…well, there really just aren’t any clear winners and losers here.

We suddenly move to Jess saying this is the season for the women’s alliance to finally stick strong. Kemi, Bella, Jess, Nicole form “Black Widows”…sort of. Bella DRs that these never work out, and she can’t rely on those three to get her to the end.  Kemi is down for whatever, but she doesn’t seem overly pumped. Nicole is probably just excited for perspective travel partners for when she wins that trip to Fiji. And then, Bella actually rats them out to Jack. C’mon Bella. Jack thinks they won’t fight back and they have no one to fight for them.  Well, that’s bleak. 

Then Jess goes to talk with Jack to “See where his head’s at”. Jack compliments her before telling her he knows about the woman’s alliance, which she scrambles to deny. Ultimately, Kemi and Jess are nominated. He has at least a valid reason to nominate them other than his reported racist tendencies, so once again, the guy who everyone online has pegged as kind of a scumbag has his head in the game, even though he might be THE WORST.


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