Welcome to Eviction Night! Following the POV meeting, Jack says Kemi remains his target, but since she’ll “linger” in Camp Comeback, he needs her to go there happy. Elsewhere, Nicole, Cliff and Ovi form an alliance called “The Fellowship of the Zing”.  Well, that’s clever, but super nerdy. Also, technically it needs Ovi to be back in the game to count, but now I’m just being picky.

Next up is a quick montage of the forming of two new showmances: Nick and Bella and Jack and Analyse. The funniest part of this is that Nick knocks on the HOH door while Jack and Analyse are hooking up and Nick’s reaction is, “He’s sleeping? I want to say Happy Birthday! “ Jack, in the DR: “Happy Birthday to me!”  Gross, Jack.

We learn that Cliff gets up bright and early every day. After having a “tall glass of coffee”, he heads to one of the small rooms to greet the live feeders, his family and people he calls “Cliff A Maniacs.” I can only assume these are other people who also enjoy “glasses” of coffee. He calls these little missives his “Cliff Notes”. On this particular morning, he lays out the couples: Jack and Analyse, Holly and Michie, Nick and Bella, and adds in Christy and Tommy, since they’re not a couple, but very tight.  He also refers to his alliance by name, but says he’ll be a free agent if Ovi doesn’t come back and Nicole goes soon. What he doesn’t know is that Christie is hearing all of this and goes to straight to Tommy, Holly and Michie.

Nicole and Kemi talk about Bella’s creation of Black Widows. Kemi talks to Michie about that, as well as his supposed final three with Jack and Bella. Thy have a nice talk and he concedes he might vote for her to stay. He talks to Jack about it, as well as how Cliff is coming after couples, and Jack seems stressed. 

In the DR, Bella tells us that Sam has been voting with Grateful “for this entire time” (you mean for that one other vote?)  Bella thinks telling him that he’s the 9th person in an 8 person alliance will endear her to him and he’ll be loyal and think he can trust her. Sam is re-thinking keeping Kemi, and says learning about this alliance changes everything. Sam, please stop shouting at me.

Sam talks to Jack about what he learned from Bella and makes a case for keeping Kemi, (mostly that Jess is going after all the guys while Kemi is only out for Jack) but Jack slips up and refers to Grateful by name, then has to try to cover, saying “the nine” and just looking all flustered, so that went horribly.  I enjoyed it!

Time to vote! Jess shouts out everyone in the whole world, and says she loves diversity and her BB family. She says she loves hard, trusts hard, plays hard, and is loyal “to the T”. Kemi shouts out production before she blows up Nick and Bella for playing both sides and causing some chaos on her way to Camp Comeback, where she’s going by a vote of 10-1. David and Ovi come to fetch her, basically, in their matching attire, as everyone heads out to do the HOH comp.  It looks like the worst plot for a Stephen King novel ever.

To become the next HOH, you must throw an arrow underhand at the bullseye board to record a score. Everyone gets one shot. There are alternative spots you can aim for instead of trying to win HOH: $5,000 or safety for the week. (Spoiler alert: no one aims for those.) 

Analyse goes first and takes the lead by default, knocked off first by Christie and then by Nick, whose score of 90 ultimately holds up.  Nick is the new HOH! There’s some post-HOH banter with Julie, but the most interesting thing to come out of it is the audience learning that Tommy is in Pretty Woman on Broadway, a show that is closing while he’s still in this house. I wonder if he knows about that…hmmm…

We will see you next week with a new round of nominees, a POV and the last of the Whacktivity nonsense and the end (I think?) of Camp Comeback!


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