Previously, on Big Brother, Josh managed to pull out an HOH win on what tends to be one of the flukier contests they do in this game, and a nation sighed loudly at the possibility of what that held.  Tonight, we found out.  The first thing we learned was that Josh and Mark buried the hatchet a few days ago, for whatever that’s worth.

In the afterglow of Josh’s win, Alex has a bad attack of foot in mouth, entering a bedroom to report that Mark and Elena are pissed, before realizing Mark is sitting there. She makes a good recovery and pulls Mark aside, managing to convince him that he’s a flip flopper. She asks “How do I know you’re on my side?”  and Mark seems perplexed. You guys, Mark might not be that bright.

Quietly, Christmas is playing a really great game.  She DRs that she wants Jess and Cody out but points out Mark and Elena float.  She also seems to be the first one noticing that Paul is in charge of Josh, and tells him not to do everything he says.  To his minor credit, Josh seems to realize that a little bit himself, but his single focus on Elena is his main thing this week.  Despite her trying to explain to him that she only voted him out because the entire house left her out of the plan to kick Ramses to the curb, he isn’t biting and wants her out badly.  He in no way trusts her, Mark or her relationship with Paul, which I’m impressed that he picked up on.  

Josh DRs that Elena is his target and there’s not much Paul can do about it.  But Josh doesn’t get to vote, so if the house has another target in mind, they get to vote them out, not you, pal.  Although it’d certainly be interesting to see something not go Paul’s way for once this summer.

This week’s Temptation Competition (“Strangest Things”) has everyone searching through rooms of the house that have been transformed into a mini-haunted house, stocked with people in creepy costumes to provide the jump scares.  You have to look for the circled letters in the clues on the walls (“Watch Your Back”, “Close the Portal”, and “Help Me”) to determine the item (a “heart”) that you need to grab and place in the box to lock in your time.  

I would completely suck at this because I can be scared by my kids hiding behind a door, even if saw them hide behind it a minute before. An actual haunted house would give me heart palpitations.  I would react like a combination of Elena, yelling things like “No Thank You!”, “I Don’t Like You!” and “Move!”; and Jessica, who is practically paralyzed with fear and can’t even set foot in the rooms.  I don’t know if her 15:00 finish time was a penalty time because she just opted out, or if she somehow soldiered through, but I think it’s the former.  Elena’s 12:31 and Jason’s 12:07 were nearly as bad, as was professional ghost hunter Raven, who came in at 9:00, and Mark at 7:06.  The top finishers (Matt, Paul, Alex, Kevin and Cody) all hovered around the three minute mark, with Kevin–who says his neighborhood growing up was scarier–coming the closest to Cody, who hit 3:00 even to win safety for the week.  Of course nothing rattled Cody!  He’s not a real live boy!

Post-comp, Elena confronts Josh about going up as a pawn. She calls BS on Josh’s assertion that Elena is a great competitor. Josh calls someone out on “spazzing out and losing her mind”, which is rich. When Paul arrives in the room, Elena says she was “offering a flaw in his reasoning”. Paul says he told her he offered to go up as a pawn. Josh continues to calls Elena a liar when she asserts that he didn’t ask her for suggestions for pawns, but wants to put her up.  To be completely honest, this conversation was a bit confusing and probably more than a little circular.  Elena is backed in a corner and feeling a bit panicked, and Josh is on a power trip. None of it much mattered anyway, because Mark and Elena are Josh’s nominees, along with Jessica after losing the competition.  

Cody and Jessica have big plans for her to win veto, which is far from a lock.  No word on the overall mood of the house regarding the plan to get Jessica out, once and for all, or whether or not Josh’s vendetta against Elena will be a success.  Thank goodness we have HoH8 to give us a whole other angle on things in her spoiler-filled comments!

EJ will be here to cover the POV fallout, and we will march ever closer to the end of Josh’s reign. See you then!


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4 Responses to Big Brother Season 19, Episode 22–“Does anyone have any more game related conversations they’d like to have with me before I take my eyelashes off?”

  1. HoH8 says:

    Hi Myndi… gotta send u Thanks for the Shout Out !!! 🙂

    i Love this Horror Comp, we saw this same comp on BBOTT after BB18, it was Online not on CBS so im sure u didnt see it… BBOTT was Great cause we saw EVERYTHING LIVE… we saw ALL the Comps when they gave them Live… Nothing was Edited… Plus we saw the DRs LIVE as they happened… that’s the main reason most Feeders are not with the Edited version of the show this year…

    so anyway, after the Comp was Over on Fri and learned it was the same Horror comp, i found the Comp on youtube and spent Sat watching how it was played by the HGs… with all the Cursing they did, lol… it was a Big Difference compared to the CBS version, lol… btw, 15 mins was the Time Limit so Jess just maxed it out… not sure if more HGs all maxed it out, who would be the 3rd Nom?… they say All of them would be, lol…

    i agree, Xmas is playing a good game… her strength is her Social Game, she’s a very Strong Talker and she’s Not a Target cause she cant compete in most of the comps… if u bring her to F3, she wont be able to compete in Any of those comps at the end…

    i dont blame u being confused on that convo with Josh, Elena, Paul in the HOH room… CBS never showed us the convo with Josh & Paul alone prior to that one… Elena is on her 2nd week as a HN and that nite she was Loco and was talking Crazy & she wouldnt stop talking… it didnt help her…

    *** SPOILERS****

    let me quickly tell u that Jess is still the Plan to Evict… 8 HGs are voting so it should be 7-1 to Evict Jess… But yesterday, the HGs started to talk bout giving Raven votes to have a 4-4 Tie and have Josh have to vote Jess out with his Tiebreaker… the HGs are NOT liking Raven too much now and they want to Scare her that she’s Not Liked in the house… but i doubt that will happen… But if u see on Wed show then on Thurs Live show, we see Julie telling us that Raven might go… then we know the story… CBS wants to have us believe that Jess will be Saved and then shocked when we see her go, lol… Please Julie, give us a Break, lol… 🙂

    • HoH8 says:

      Oh Myndi, i completely forgot to tell u Why Elena wanted to know if they were stopping talking game…

      Elena is All bout Herself, she will look at her herself in Every Mirror in the house, her face, her boobs, her body… & she doesnt know much on when she’s on camera… she thinks, the camera is on when they are talking bout game so they can edit it on the tv show…

      so she wanted to keep her eyelashes on cause she wanted to look pretty if they edited that game convo to the tv show… she has No Idea that we see her ALL The Time, even in the Dark when she was giving Sex to Mark under the covers, she only learned that fact the other week and
      was SHOCKED to know that, Lmao…

      Elena is Only bout her body, she’s been So Loose with it, showing the Feeders her naked body so many times now… she doesnt care showing us…

      so that was her reason why she wanted to keep her eyelashes on, lol… 🙂

  2. Myndi Weinraub says:

    Thanks for all that clarification and detail! I wish I had more time to watch feeds, but thankfully you are here to help us all and give us the insight into what’s really going on!

    • HoH8 says:

      ur welcome… Thanks for the reply… i was starting to wonder if u was allowed to write comments… this is ur first reply to my comments this season, lol… 🙂 …

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