Last time on Big Brother, Paul told everyone what do and in what order to do it and they all completely bought it.  Oh wait, that’s pretty much every episode of this season.  But, there is a glimmer of hope that someone is no longer all in on this strategy and you’ll never believe which loudmouth it is.  I’m disappointed that it’s not one of the three women left, who are somewhat of a disappointment to my gender.  

First, you have Raven, who only appears in this episode by way of goofy clips of her dancing by herself like Billy Idol. She still thinks she and Paul are besties and she can totes trust him.  Then you have Alex, who has put her faith in Paul–and, to a lesser degree, Christmas–to save her game rather than fighting for it herself.  Finally, you have Christmas, who has battled back in a huge way from that devastating foot injury to stay in the game and make a serious run for the finale.  None of them seem willing to entertain the thought that Paul might not take them to the end, even after one of them has seen him orchestrate the demise of their male counterpart and the second one is on the chopping block right now.

In fact, at Josh’s suggestion that all the game moves Paul makes seem to be far more beneficial to him at this point than their team of three, Christmas loses it on him, especially when he decides to check out of the conversation and physically leave the backyard.  I’ve never seen anyone scoot more angrily into and out of a room than Christmas. And when clueless Raven wanders in and asks “What’s wrong?” Christmas is all, “oh, he knows what he did!” like a tiny, white Claire Huxtable telling Theo he better not let Cockroach sneak him into anymore bars with a fake ID or something.  It’s sort of scary and hilarious at the same time.  

Jason is a bit suspect, which he should be since he and Mark discussed Paul’s gameplay over a game of chess what seems like years ago at this point.  When he talks to Kevin, who is still kicking himself for losing the HOH to “a girl on crutches”, he seems to realize something might be up.  I can’t believe he watched all those people very clumsily throw the HOH and didn’t get a clue, but I guess I should just chalk it up to the weird way the house is operating this season.  He confronts Josh about what he knows and when he knew it, and he fumbles through a non-answer.  This would only work on Jason, who just doesn’t seem to have the cunning needed to pivot on the fly.  Paul appears in time to save Josh’s bacon, throwing into the mix the idea that he himself is in danger of being backdoored.

Once again, Paul is in people’s ears to throw a comp, this time the POV and to him.  More specifically, he wants Jason and Alex to throw it.  Why neither of them would think this was fishy is something that would make me bang my head against a wall if I thought about it too much about it, so I won’t.  Ultimately the comp isn’t that easy to either win or throw, really, as it involves answering questions about a sequence of hits, punches and kicks.  You could be trying to get something wrong and get it right as easily as the other way around.  It ends up coming down to a series of tiebreakers between Paul and Alex, and though she actually does try, Paul eeks out the win.

The competition itself is made bearable by the presence of Bobby Moynihan, late of SNL, who drew the short straw in having to come into the house to promote his new CBS sitcom, Me, Myself & I. What?  You thought multiple Emmy winner John Larroquette was going to lower himself to appearing on a summer reality show to shill for his new gig?  Not a chance, although it would be absolutely hilarious in its own way.  Bobby is a welcome sight for all the hamsters, and he seems to really watch the show.  He goes in the DR and calls Josh a meatball and when Paul gives him one of his friendship bracelets, Bobby fakes being choked up and then deadpans how stupid all of these people are for not getting Paul out as soon as they could.  Well, you can thank production for that one, Bob.  Three weeks of safety was just enough to get this guy ingratiated and be able to convince these mental giants he should stick around for the long haul. Bobby is great at hosting the comp, which of course comes from all the practice he had with those fake game show sketches on SNL.  That said, how amazing would it have been if Drunk Uncle or Snookie or Riblet had done it instead?  

When it comes to using the veto, this is where Josh really presses Christmas and points out that the two of them are doing all of Paul’s dirty work.  She simply won’t hear it from him, and once again, when Paul takes down Alex and Kevin gets put up in her place at the veto ceremony, Paul still stays relatively clean.  Christmas even uses the non-excuse that everyone else has been on the block so far this season, leaving out of course that Paul hasn’t put his butt in one of those chairs. Kevin is pissed, Josh is pissed and Jason is…happy to be up against Kevin?  Maybe, but tomorrow’s double elimination could change things, especially if Josh wins HOH.  I do not enjoy watching Josh, and none of his schtick has been even remotely amusing to me, not to mention his crying jags that make me think he might not be all that stable.  That said, if he wins tomorrow and is ballsy enough to at least put Paul on the block, I will give him a ton of credit.  It would really be about the only way to salvage this all too predictable season.


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