Previously on Big Brother, Jason and Raven were both shown the door in a double eviction special for the ages that included a lot of tears from Josh and a bravura bit of theater from Paul. Alex, Christmas and Kevin pretty much just walked around dumbfounded for various reasons.  

If you would have told me a couple weeks into this season that I would be rooting for Josh, who I really do not enjoy watching, to beat Paul, who I have, at times, enjoyed watching, I would have laughed at you. Paul is working this game like nobody’s business, but it’s gone almost too well.  He’s been in charge most weeks, has completely avoided the block even as a pawn and is looking at solid alliances with everyone left in the game.  They all say to the camera in the DR that his word is good as gold an defend him to any of the others who dare to question any of his motives. At this point, the only one who realizes he’s actually being played, however, is Josh.  Unfortunately, I think he’s the only one who is not emotionally capable of making that giant leap of actually trying to take down Paul.

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