Note to producers: Enough already with the Christmas puns!  We get it, she’s named after a holiday; move on!

Following nominations, Paul recaps the situation, saying the only way things can go badly is if Ramses wins veto and Paul doesn’t get to replace him, given that his self-nomination is not replaceable, meaning he can’t put Cody up. He then further recaps his backdoor plan and Ramses reiterates why he put himself up now, under the circumstances.  

Cody, ever the fun guy, humorlessly explains how he knows he’s getting backdoored. Jessica explains how she’s staying by Cody’s side no matter what.  I’m just gonna say this; Cody must be incredible in bed, because I cannot find a single redeeming quality about him personality-wise.

Paul asks Ramses to throw the veto in exchange for being kept safe.  He says you can ask anyone in the room (which is a bunch of the hamsters), no one is sending you home.  Ramses DRs that he won’t throw it, however.  Oh, Ramses, no need to go overboard at this point.

The Den of Temptation consequence is handed out to Jason, Jessica and Cody and Jessica correctly guess that Christmas got the temptation and calls Christmas a bully, which is hilarious, given the way Jess speaks to Josh, at the very least. Cheesy special effects ensue as the players are told to let the curse “engulf you”.  They are suddenly dressed as “Vetoads” and must hop everywhere they go and stand on the lilypad that has been installed in every room.  Jason gets into it, given that he’s a rodeo clown, Jessica is somewhere in the middle with her enthusiasm and Cody mirthlessly DRs that “it doesn’t bother me that much”.  When they return to the living room, everyone cracks up, none moreso than Christmas, who has certainly earned it after what she’s endured so far this season.

Paul refers to Kevin as Al Capone, which is pretty funny.  Kevin says Paul is running everything because “he’s got more necklaces than Two Chainz”.  I like how Kevin is always proving to us how hip and happening he is with his references.  But he complies with Paul’s request for him to talk with Ramses about the POV comp, who then DRs that he’s conflicted about what to do.  That’s an interesting dynamic, those two.  It’s like they’re working on another sequel to 21 Jump Street where Kevin is trying to pass as a senior at Ramses’ high school.

As everyone gathers to pick veto players, Jessica DRs about Cody being her best friend in the house.  He continues to not smile.  Paul pulls Elena and Matt to play Veto.  As the six players are sequestered to get ready for the game to start, Ramses says to Josh and Paul that he promised his mother and brother than he’d never throw a comp.  Paul goes so far as to say he will owe him if he does.  

The competition is a timed event, one of those one at a time deals where each player has to run some kind of course. In this case, it’s set up like gates at an airport, and they have to answer questions at five “destinations” to be “on time” or “delayed”, making your trip around the world longer if you hit those delays.  Best time wins.

The questions require you to be observant, like how many people were on the wall in Terminal One, what was the NY Time on the clock in Terminal Two?

Each player realizes after one or two wrong answers that they need to pay attention at each terminal. Paul has three delays. Josh, Matt, Alex and Elena hit almost all the delays, pretty much insuring they are not beating Paul’s time. Ramses hits the first three delays, skips the fourth and misses the last one, forcing him to look for a passport in freezing cold water. When the results are in, they are a bit surprising:

Josh 7:48

Ramses 7:44

Elena 22:35

Matt 11:32

Alex 16:38

Paul 4:37.  

After giving this the whole cliffhanger treatment, Paul still beat Ramses handily, but he’s mad that Ramses came in second place. Ramses grovels to Paul with Matt and Raven in the room.  He DRs that he might need to get the sneakier Ramses out instead of the more directly evil Cody.   I kind of think Ramses wasn’t really trying all that hard to win, but he couldn’t bring himself to completely throw it in terms of his effort, even though this was a situation where no one could even see him doing it.

At the Veto meeting, Paul gives each of the nominees a chance to plead their case. Alex makes it funny (“you can bite me”), Ramses tell him to do what is best for the house.  And then there’s Josh.  Oh, Josh. He takes his time to rip on Cody and Jess, says he has his girl doing his dirty work and he hopes Cody can “hop your ass on out of here.”  He goes on and on, making everyone uncomfortable.

Paul addresses Cody:  “You attacked my character, stabbed me in the back, made promises you couldn’t keep.  I know you wanted to battle it out, but I’m more of a check mate kind of guy.”  

Cody: “Respect.” Oh, please.

As the meeting closes, Josh offers to make meatballs for lunch, his new nickname for Cody. The announcer promises post-veto meeting fireworks while Josh and Cody both DR about fighting it out.  It’s gonna be nuts, and EJ will be here to cover it!

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