Previously on Big Brother: The fact that men are friends was noteworthy enough that we’ve spent two episodes focused on Winston and Brett who are, as I’ve noted, the same guy. Tonight, they’re both up for eviction which means that we’re only going to have one of the same guy in the house.

Hey, Tyler was on TKO last night. It must have been shot before Big Brother, and there was not a reference to the show at all. They only pointed him out in commercials and I don’t really care for the idea that these people could suddenly pop up on other shows. We’re locking them in the house for a reason!

They mention Sam’s bonus life several times early on, and I feel like nothing’s going to happen with that. Oh, wait. We’re jumping back to the Veto Ceremony and Scottie says “Bro Sandwich”, which is the worst. Brett doesn’t want to campaign against Winston, but he assumes people will keep him. Kaitlyn is mad that Brett made fun of her and she promises all the clairvoyants will come for him. You know, I’d be willing to take that risk.

And I don’t want to laugh at what people believe, but Kaitlyn keeps retroactively making things signs or omens. There’s lots of birds. Seeing one doesn’t mean that your grandfather is talking to you, especially when you ask for a completely undefined sign. That makes everything a sign so you’re always right. Can we evict Kaitlyn tonight?

Kaycee, Tyler, and Rachel talk about who to vote out, and they seem to think Winston is less valuable. I don’t know how they tell which is which. Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Angie talk about making a big move and Haleigh thinks they’re talking about their hair. Also, she’s half in blackface, and I assume there’s a good reason for that.

Sam goes to see Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee and talks about just picking her vote at random. Everybody seems to think Brett is the more valuable of the two identical man. Then Angie goes up the rock climbing wall because she needs more attention and gets stick. Kaitlyn DRs about how she’s afraid to release something but once she lets go of the wall her soul will be cleared. Haleigh instead talks her through a few steps and that’s actually useful. She still falls, but there’s a harness so there was never any danger. How did that possibly make the cut?

Kayleigh talks about how Tyler says he’ll do what she want and even her boyfriend doesn’t do that. Kaitlyn’s head is a snake pit, guys. She assumes everybody will vote out Brett because he was disrespectful of her psychic powers. Plus, her grandpa will poop on his car.

Scottie and Tyler hang out in the HOH room and talk about the vote. Tyler is conflicted and “which of the two people I want out will go home” is not exactly the Sophie’s Choice he’s making it out to be. A guy who is probably Winston says he’s not going to campaign but he’s going to try and get Sam’s vote. Which is not campaigning. She once again considers using her Power App.

There’s a segment about Sam’s friends and family, and these people didn’t sign up for this so I don’t like making jokes about them. There’s a cute picture of Sam holding a raccoon, though. I’m less impressed that she’s into taxidermy, because that skeeves me out to no end.

Back to the live show! Brett gets to make his statement. He vamps for a bit and then says that Angie told him she’s going to flip her vote and pin it on Kaitlyn. That’s very specific and I can’t tell if he’s doing a bit or not. Winston mentions Batman, so that’s a point in his favor. Don’t tell him how Batman feels about guns, though. And now it’s time to vote.

I feel like I’m understanding only about 60% of this episode.

Kaitlyn votes to evict Brett. Rachel votes out Winston. So does Kaycee. Angie votes to evict Brett. Faysal, who is still on the show, votes to evict Brett. Bayleigh does the same. It’s four to two as we head to the commercial.

Angela votes to evict Winston. Haleigh votes out Brett. JC votes to evict Winston. Tyler, our likely swing vote, votes to evict Winston. It’s all tied up and down to Sam. She votes out Winston, which seals it up. Unless she plays that Power App….

Winston storms out of there without a word, even though Sam calls after him. I wonder if she was trying to give him the App. When they cut back to the house, Kaitlyn and Angie are screaming at Tyler and the audio is completely knocked out so it must be pretty rough. Angie says she couldn’t believe Brett would do that on her daughter’s birthday. Wait, what? Is he supposed to leave the house because it’s your daughter’s birthday. They didn’t cover that in The Godfather. I mean, the fact that today is the birthday of somebody they don’t know really doesn’t matter to anybody in the house.

She seems mad about his speech, which was solely mean to sway Kaitlyn and it didn’t. Like, I genuinely don’t know what she’s mad about at this moment. Neither of the two of the same guy were in her alliance. He mentioned her name and nobody particularly cared. The effect on her game is minimal, but she’s furious about something. She starts yelling “disgusting” and Brett could not be less bothered by any of this. It’s the most I’ve ever liked him – somebody’s yelling bizarre statements at him and he’s just looking her in the eye. I mean, it’s sociopath behavior but at least he’s not yelling back.

Chenterview! Winston believed it was going to be a unanimous vote in his favor, so that guy got some bad intelligence. Julie is really open about telling him how people voted, which means they’re not bringing him back later. He says he threw away Sam’s friendship bracelet as he left and man, for a dude who was up against his dear friend, he’s got some serious sour grapes going on. Winston comes right out and asks if there’s a way to get back into the house, and that way was “not being a dick to Sam”, so that’s that. In the goodbye videos, Kaitlyn promises to “unleash on the house for another week in a row”, which doesn’t make any kind of sense.

I can already predict Winston’s going to be an absolute pill on the reunion show. I’m exactly as psychic as Kaitlyn is!

HoH time! And it’s the standing against a wall endurance challenge. Which means we won’t learn anything tonight. But it is forcing them to hang out together while some people are just plain angry. Oh, also it doesn’t matter because Sam didn’t use her power so the fourth evictee will automatically come back. It’s a heck of a thing knowing we’re going to have an anticlimax in exactly one week.

Myndi will be here to cover the results next time, and we’ve got a week’s worth of recaps covering episodes that aren’t going to matter. I mean, unless somebody goes out like a pissy jerk (you know, like Winston) and then comes back while everybody thinks they’re an a-hole. That’ll be fun!

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