Previously on Big Brother, Winston was evicted and all hell seemed to break loose right afterwards because Brett tried to pin blame on Angie and she lost it.  But there was an endurance HOH comp to be played, so there was no time to worry about that stuff. Not yet.

Brett says his plan to pin the flip on Angie is simple.  He can’t stand her (there’s some refreshing honesty) and can’t influence her because she plays personally, so why not make her freak out, turn her into a liability and make her a target?  For her part, Angie is muttering her kids names over and over on a fake tree stump…as part of the HOH comp. Man, it would be simultaneously hilarious and sad if it was just because, wouldn’t it?!  Kaitlyn is wigging about the vote flip, and thinks Tyler will clear things up. She asks him to swear on his father’s grave, but in an uncharacteristic outburst from normally cool Tyler, he tells her to never ask him that again.  

Kaycee, who is a person playing in this game, DRs about how important it is for someone from Level 6 to win the HOH.  Haleigh admits she’s clueless as to the game play the last couple of weeks, otherwise known as the entirety of the game so far.

The players are holding onto a wall, made to look like a series of trees, that tilts back and forth while they are pelted with “sap”, feathers and “bird poop”.  We’ve seen this challenge many times before, because the producers have clearly just put this thing on auto pilot.

Sam shares with us that since this is the last week of the Bonus Life, it will be automatically offered to whoever is evicted. The only way she’ll have a say at this point would be if she’s the one nominating people.  

Stressed out beyond belief (I don’t love Brett, but he clearly targeted the right person to rile up) Angie is out first after 24 minutes. Fessy is out next at 30 minutes followed quickly by Brett, Bayleigh, Angela, Rachel, and Haleigh. Then JC slips right after they show him DR about his amazing levels of endurance.  Womp, womp.

And we are down to four. Sam starts to verbally intimidate Kaitlyn, who falls after an hour, followed quickly by Kaycee, who probably didn’t want to win all that much, because she’d have to talk so much more.  It comes down to Tyler and Sam. She openly (and loudly) asks him to jump many times as he tries to negotiate safety that he doesn’t really need, simply to make himself look better. He’s actually glad he lost and that Sam is in charge.

In the aftermath, Bayleigh has to talk an hysterical Angie off the ledge.  She’s crying in the DR about how guys like Brett always win. She is still covered in crap from the comp.  You know what might help, Ang? A nice hot shower. Unless you’re a Have Not, in which case, a cold shower might also help you chill the eff out!

Elsewhere, we learn that JC and Tyler want to get Fessy to flip on Kaitlyn and Haleigh by planting the seed that they were the ones who flipped their votes, when it was actually the two of them.  I haven’t loved JC in any way so far, but it’s nice to see people playing the long game a bit. Tyler has been doing that all along.

Kaitlyn and Fessy talk about the vote and her whiny drama is beyond annoying “My heart is actually broken that you would actually think that of me.”  Mid-meltdown, Sam asks who wants to see her HOH room. That’s funny. Kaitlyn chooses to wallow in her self-pity instead. In the room, Sam announces that there will be no One on Ones, and she won’t tell anyone who she’s nominating, which she has already decided. Additionally, people are only allowed in the HOH room with her permission and with her present.  She’s breaking all the HOH room societal norms! The calamity!

Calmed down ever so slightly, Kaitlyn thinks Sam had two votes flipped with her power.  (“If I’m not right that’s so embarrassing, but I honestly think I’m right.”) The sound editors have fun with this when she goes into the DR to explain, buzzing her theory. She goes to Tyler with this, and he denies switching his vote (which he did, and which gets a little “ding!”) while praising her ability to figure things out.  Tyler is ten times better at this game than anyone else playing right now.

In nutty news, Angie pulls an Evel Dick move and bangs a metal spoon on a pot, singing nonsense about Brett being her baby daddy and so forth, designed to annoy him. He DRs that while it is definitely annoying him, it’s also annoying everyone else. So this, along with his decision to shave that hideous mustache, make the week a winner for Brett so far.

And now, the reason for the Viewer Discretion banner shown at the top of the hour. Bayleigh and JC have a frank discussion about the use of the word “midget” and the n-word. Only JC says the full n-word.  Bay loses it on him and shuts him down when he says has the right to ask. Bayleigh says hers was a question about the m-word while his use of the n-word came in a statement and is therefore more offensive. She walks away while JC keeps his cool. He DRs that he is short, gay and Hispanic, so he knows something about discrimination. I must agree with JC.  Even if they haven’t experienced the same kind, there’s no doubt that JC gets picked on or has people react negatively to him every day. He goes to tell Brett, Sam, Rachel and Angela, who agree he has to nip this with Bay before they go to sleep. Perhaps JC’s only error here is that he left out that he actually said the entire n-word to Bayleigh, but I’m not sure that changes much of the issue overall.

Fessy and Hayleigh comes to comfort Bay and explain that JC wants to talk to her. She thinks he CALLED her N but he simply did not do that. He’s patiently trying to put things in context and her constant refusal to see that is maddening. Bayleigh says that if  you make a mistake, you should just say you’re wrong, let the person explain it to you and move on. Um, no, Bay. While no one wants to make light of your suffering–being one of only four black people in a white school–your refusal to accept that someone else may have suffered at a similar, maybe even at a higher level, is frustrating, to say the least.  JC never once loses his cool, or tears up or walks away in disgust, which is very much to his credit. Bayleigh can’t hide her skin color, but neither can he change his stature or his thick accent, so they really are pretty even in a number of ways. Eventually, they make up, but then she calls him the Tazmanian Devil as they hug. Couldn’t that be considered derogatory?  I’m exhausted by this whole thing.

Oh good, nominations! It’s Haleigh and Kaitlyn, neither of whom seem surprised.  Sam says they take the most and contribute the least. She also doesn’t like how they treat the young men in the house, saying they deserve more respect.  She goes on to say that it’s the opposite of female empowerment and they should respect themselves more. She DRs that their flirty gameplay is cheap. Both girls cry in the DR, feeling hurt.  Fessy is insulted and Brett is delighted to be off the block and see the house in chaos. He’d like to backdoor Angie onto the block with the POV. If you took that sentence out of this context and put into any other, I might get in big trouble.  But not here! EJ will see you Wednesday with the POV results and any fallout.

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