Previously on Big Brother: JC and Baleigh had a “viewer advisory” discussion that would have been less heated if either of them could express themselves coherently, but it still worked out. Sam nominated Hayleigh and Kaitlyn and gave them a weird moralizing speech about her reasons. I’ll just say it this once (and probably more times, to be honest), she should have told everybody about her Power App and said that this week’s evictee is automatically coming back in, so let’s just have fun this week. It would have been so much better for her game.

I mean, unless she wasn’t allowed to. Also, they might only have the chance to come back. They’re not great at explaining these things to the home viewers.

Sam explains that the nominees don’t respect themselves enough and I like Sam, but that’s really none of her business. Kaitlyn cries in the Diary Room and talks about how she’s not going to cry in the Diary Room. Boy, did she blow it on that one. Hayleigh is stung by the insult but keeps it together. Faysal is concerned about how this affects him, because he doesn’t know how he’ll play the Veto that apparently he’s going to win. Kaitlyn tells Sam that she does have respect for herself and Sam lectures her some more. Man, it takes a lot to be the less sympathetic person in a conversation with Kaitlyn.

Hayleigh finally breaks down in the bathroom and in the DR because it makes her sad to think about her grandfather seeing the show and hearing somebody say that about her, and I totally get that. That used to be something I would think about when making decisions – how is Hayleigh’s grandpa going to feel? No, no. Kidding about that part, but my grandparents were a real factor in a lot of my choices and if I did a reality show while they were alive, I would have been on my best behavior just in case.

Tyler talks to Sam about the nominations and she says if somebody uses the Veto, it’ll be Angie. Oh, Angie vs. Kaitlyn on the block is my dream. It’s the reverse Alien vs. Predator. Whoever loses, we win! Tyler says maybe the speech wasn’t a good idea, but she plans to tell the nominees about the Power App eventually. He goes to see Kaitlyn who insists she’s not sad because she’s on the block, but because Sam criticized her. Man, she needs to get in touch with a life coach who can maybe explain to her that mild criticism isn’t a big deal and says more about the speaker than about you. Oh, wait.

Sam and Kaitlyn talk in the HoH bedroom, and Kaitlyn once again says “I’m not upset because I’m on the block…” and Kaitlyn explains who she is in a way that irritates me deeply. She says it really hurt to hear it from Sam and Sam says “Why?” And then Sam pushes her into saying it bothered her that an empowered woman said it and Sam says “We have different ideas of what empowered is” and this is actually kind of an interesting feminist idea to discuss, but not in this venue and certainly by people smarter than the ones on this show.

Faysal and Sam go to the HoH room and he tells her that he’s feeling a lot of stress and she tells him not to. Ha! I’ve got my issues with the way Sam’s acting, but her pragmatism delights me. She says he might win the Veto and then he’ll have to do something, but that’s up to him and there’s no point in fretting about it. They hug under a blanket, and this show has taught me to interpret that as humping. That doesn’t happen, but when I see four feet sticking out from under a blanket, I get horrible Ollie/April flashbacks.

They Faysal goes to see Kaitlyn and she says nothing matters because she’s leaving. She can’t tell if he likes Hayleigh more than he likes her and, well, probably. Let’s be honest here. Next Faysal talks to Hayleigh and she’s also worried about who he’ll pick and he sort of low-key indicates to both of them that he’d play the Veto for them. Man, is the whole first half of this episode going to be a waste of time if doesn’t end up in the competition.

Oh, who are we kidding? Every chip in that bag is gonna say “Faysal” or “Houseguest’s Choice”.

And with that, it’s time to pick players for the Veto! Sam gets Houseguest’s Choice, but she picks JC. Kaitlyn draws Angie. Hayleigh gets, yep, Houseguest’s Choice. She picks Faysal and the producers breathe a sigh of relief.

Later, Rachel Reilly walks into the house and why is this happening? I’ve recapped her far too many times already and I thought we had gone our separate ways. And now I’m recapping her again. When I die, I will surely go to Heaven for I’ve served my time in Hell.

She’s there to proctor the Veto Competition and Kaitlyn corners Faysal and asks what the plan is because she’ll definitely win Veto, but that would out him at risk as a replacement. Somebody has an unrealistic view of her competition performance. Faysal tells Hayleigh that this happened because it’s just going to be a full Betty & Veronica situation.

It’s a complicated setup in the backyard, but it’s really an update of the “Punch, Slap, Kick” machine from last year. But now it’s “Chop, Bonk, Spank”. It’s Simon only you get hit with a hammer, karate chopped or paddled on the behind and then answer a question about the sequence. The person with the most points wins. I’m ready to see these people get slapped around, frankly.

Also, because of JC’s height, the chop whacks him right in the ‘nads. I mean, the bonk mostly misses him, but that’s a bad tradeoff. Everybody gets a point and Angie asks if she can be spanked harder because none of her current quirks have succeeded in making her interesting.

This goes on for six rounds. Going into the final round, Faysal has a one-point lead over Kaitlyn, which is exactly what the producers would have wanted for maximum drama. Kaitlyn decides to get the last question wrong on purpose and Faysal wins it. And that means more Diary Room fretting. Hey? Maybe don’t make mutually exclusive promises to both nominees. That’s some bad mojo.

Faysal goes to see Hayleigh. She’s feeling down and he asks if she trusts him. Man, unless he is definitely going to save her, that’s a dick move. Faysal sort of reminds me of a friend of mine in the way he wants to make sure as many people are into him as possible regardless of what it might do to them. It’s gross and mean, but like I said, it’s behavior I see in a friend of mine. (Who I haven’t seen or talked to in a while, come to think of it.) Anyway, next he goes to see Kaitlyn, just to make sure that both people are 100% convinced he’s going to act on their behalf. Kaitlyn, to her credit, figures out that he promised to Veto both of them. I take away her credit when she chalks it up to “a vibrational shift in his energy” as opposed to, you know, looking at him. Hey, Kaitlyn. Body language exists. You can admit you notice that. It doesn’t have to be vibrations.

This turns into a fight, and as much as I don’t like Kaitlyn, Faysal is 100% in the wrong. It gets better when he accidentally calls her “Hayleigh”. HA!

Tyler wants to check in with Sam to confirm her replacement nominee. She says she’s not going to tell anybody and Tyler is like “OK, but tell me”. She says no, and then he says “It’s (Angie), right?” Sam is incapable of not seeming suspicious lately. I mean, Tyler went in their with good intentions and now he’s not convinced that he won’t go on the block.

Veto Meeting! Finally! Faysal looks a little like he’s going to barf. He uses the Veto on Hayleigh, which despite all the fretting was definitely the thing he was going to do all along. Sam gets to name a replacement and she says she hasn’t thought about it so she’s going to put up her best friend and JC says that’s not the right thing to do and he’d never do it to her and it would be amazing if she said “Dude, I wasn’t talking about you. You think we’re best friends?!” So she immediately changes course and puts up Angie. I don’t know to what extent that was planned but Sam has such a bad social game. I mean, I like her to begin with and this stuff is turning me against her.

Next, she tells everybody about the Power App. She says that whoever is evicted has a chance to come back and she should have said that days ago before she did all the damage. Sam DRs that he wanted to make sure Kaitlyn went out and that’s why she almost nominated JC. Angie cries in the Diary Room. Kaitlyn tells us that she’s going to play dirty.

Which of the two most irritating people in the house will be evicted? And will they come right back in? Myndi will deal with that emotional whiplash and probably 20 minutes of Kaitlyn / Faysal drama tomorrow!

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